Plural Café was down for a few hours as the TLS certificate expired while we were helping a friend this evening. Service has been restored as of about an hour ago and posts are slowly filtering back in.

Thanks all for your patience.

@kat finally, I understand what the crap people are talking about when they mention “liminal spaces”, they’re saying “I want to sit here and have a lime”. It all makes sense now.

surreal body horror? 

taking my brain out of my skull and blowing on the brain stem like it’s a dusty video game cartridge

omg imagine if stackoverflow didnt exist!
haha did you know that nobody can exit vim
no woman will ever love me because i am an #oppressed programmer man
python more like english #owned #programming #funny #enterpreneur

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starting to think that people on r slash programming humor are perpetually stuck in the 2nd month of a Javascript For Fun And Profit bootcamp while at the same time being forced to invert binary trees until the end of their lives while also constantly having to instal steam with very specific old pop os package databases that uninstall gnome after an explicit confirmation

This Robot Is Gay And There's Nothing You Can Do About It

true ADHD/autistic love is being excited for the other person to info-dump

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