we will ban another cryptocurrency every day until you begin hrt mr bond

practice self care by doing a breathing exercise at lunch. take a walk away from your desk for 15 minutes to recenter. be unavailable for calls and texts between the hours of 1am and noon. quit your job and never return. leave a series and cryptic messages and clues in your bedroom. move into the nocturnal animal enclosure at the zoo. they will never find you.

fool's gold. dipshit's bismuth. aluminum of the chump. these are just a few of the minerals the "courts" have legally prohibited me from trafficking in.

who need their signal safety numberussy verified

sex+++, abuse mention 



Masstodon equals net forcestodon divided by accelerationstodon

Interacting with cops 

@Anarkat If a cop asks if he can have your name, say no or they will steal your name and you can't go home ever again.


Good lord we metabolize alcohol stupidly quickly, five shots of vodka only got us buzzed for like half an hour! This is on top of six (5mg) weed gummies in the past 12hrs!!! This is why we don't try to get drunk anymore, we process fast enough that we need to drink practically enough to give us a horrible hangover on the spot. Goddamn alter tolerances... \*grumblegrumble\*

Never buy flowers from a monk. 

Only you can prevent florist friars.

acab, ableism 

🌙 !!!!!

institutions are literally run the exact same way prisons are. abolishing prisons means abolishing pysch prisons too, acab

acab, ableism 

substituting police authority with brain cop authority isn't abolitionary

psychiatric custody is another form of arrest and imprisonment that is framed as health care

-- freya dragon :freya_heart:

to plurals 

hey. you.
no, you, just you.
i’m glad you’re here.

straight up dont pay attention sometimes and say "we" talking about ourselves in front of family
no one bats an eye its incredible. power

Sort of slopping together these really easy little comics when I have a second is always nice. Really just trying to prove to myself that it’s okay to make things that aren’t that good.

another day volunteering at the neurotransmitter museum. everybody keeps asking me if they can inhibit the serotonin reuptake. buddy,

I don't give a fuck about self-driving cars.

I want free, public, A+ quality transport for everyone and cities that don't project mobility as "having a car"

This pumpkin vine is coming over a hedge atop a retaining wall, and the pumpkin is growing at head-height above the sidewalk.

if your instance crops the image, please click to see the full size.

#urban #gardening @plants

plurality trashposting 

our memories are like everything else in our lives; an unorganized heap of everything just piled up in a cluttered corner.

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