Ugh I can't post on twitter or change the privacy. why we still using that btw like I don't agree but no others are listening to me talk about teamwork which doesn't exist.

Meow! Because we updated bio. :) -Athena and nobody else because I don't know if someone else in here goes mew meow!

Oh the story of the Apple iPod... 

Well, RIP to our iPod. If the pal doesn't charge till tomorrow morning, consider it dead. I feel sorry for dragon host though. It's a bit sad. Very sad, actually. But I don't know what's the attachment to objects.

Time for dragon university. Oh um, I mean a dragon in a university.

Okay question for nonbinary friendly peoples. How did you come to terms with being nonbinary or even discovering this is you? Just curious. Lot's thanks in advance. Don't go into details if you're not comfortable, please. We want no harm on nice people. :ms_hug:

Good meowrning, fedi and multiverse. Yes, we already established that multiple universes exist. I hope all are well. Host is class. Defining nouns. I don't think I am enjoying. Must use Windows for now, because the VM I use doesn't want to have audio. Meow at it. But I like the simplicity of it and how many things I can actually do. Except when they tried putting Spotify, screen reader crashed. Talk about accessibility. It is a term not known to cats, but this cat wants to learn more and more about this human world. I think we are going to also buy a phone. I trust some of the tech choices of the dragon. I am satisfied with them and do not mind them. I happily meow at her choice for phone. 🐱‍🐉💻📱✨

We're super confused. We have no idea what happened to all other system members. I miss them. Ok those I have met. But a cat is a cat - we miss miss all the attention that could've been given. Meow. Also good morning fediverse, or multiverse, since it's known more than one universe exists. Here's a cat that will be trying to figure out Linux.

Soo, we're like finally posting omg im that one who can't write so I'll instead write like a teen or something. I hope all are well. We don't feel the best but we trying. So if you feel like you're not going anywhere, remember you're trying. :ms_hug:

Exam and us 

Very worried us because exam ugh hugs to all who want!

Hii! good afternoon I don't know it's afternoon here but feels like morning to me. I hope all are well. 😪🐉

We can rejoice now! I took the time to fix this profile. Not the best at thoughts, definitely, but the bio and display name should do it, so we don't look so scary and unknown. Hope all are well! I am a ball of hyperactivity, and thus decided to say hi to all, before host says my place heheh isn't on here. /lighthearted joke/ I love my place, it's so cosy and comfortable. My tone indicators are as unusual as me, so bare with me. 😉

okay whatever with the tracebacks. That error log's crazy hmm.

Test. Because the app I am using decided to splat break a tiny.

@TheDataSystem alsooo severe, because I think I have OCD with grammar and spelling correction it makes me so anxious not being able to fix my corrections and I have the urges to correct others too, but have been trying to control them. It takes soo much effort. Undiagnosed hyperactivity too.

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Hi, we're a bunch of tech people smashed into one brain. Oh, oops. wait that wasn't a good intro. Anyway, we're about 16now, I am not sure, had a few splits recently and one new part who is very traumatised.
Body is blind, Misophonic, chronically depressed. Along with blindness comes sever nistagmus and light sensitivity and some of us are more affected by others who can keep these eyes opened for longer periods.
Student of IT and linguistics. Writer and gamer, techie and singer, audio editor, sometimes. We are all a part of one big data, we try to work out stuff together. We do experience dissociation but we're undiagnosed. Some of us have existed since the body's been a child, or me, basically. I almost always am co-conscious with others when they front. We like being called anything, just not delusions and humans, because not all of us are humans or associate with humanity. Parts, headmates, alters, people, personalities all these are fine by all of us.
other Mastodon instances are and the other one:
twitter exists too
I will have to put up a bio on the profile when I remember or learn the password so sorry for that. 😳

Plural Café

Plural Café is a community for plural systems and plural-friendly singlets alike, that hopes to foster a safe place for finding and interacting with other systems in the Mastodon fediverse.