help a black mother raise money for funeral expenses for her trans daughter who was murdered (its only at 875/3000)

out of context, hyper-violence 

"The blood... exploded?"

"Now that Chromium has become the dominant browser engine, we're back to the same s**t we had with IE where the browser vendor thinks they know better..."

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smartphones would be awesome if they weren't beholden to capitalism

daily reminder that the phrase "carbon footprint" was created by BP in an ad campaign in order to try to shift the blame from themselves onto individual consumers and stifle any collective action against the fossil fuels industry.

USPS customer service PSA, :boost_ok:​ 

If you need to contact USPS customer support, please be sure to select "Other" as your reason for contacting them.

If it's set to anything else, there's a chance that their support system will send you a canned reply and immediately trash your support ticket. Setting this to "Other" will force the system to forward your request to an actual person.

-The Rez System

"Congratulations to drugs for winning the war on drugs." is going to be something i say obnoxiously too many times for the next five years, i can feel it

Why EMTs might ask your name or "what happened?" over and over 

It's not because they're bad at taking notes or doubt your story or whatever, it's because they're assessing your neurological function.

People are generally aware of their context. When brain function degrades or is disrupted, people lose that awareness in a way that's extremely consistent depending on severity. The first thing to go is immediate history, then rough time of day, then where you are, and finally who you are.

This is measured and recorded as whether a patient is alert and oriented to their person, place, time, and events -- A+O x0 to A+O x4.

So a provider will ask:
"Can you tell me your name?"
"Where are we right now?"
"About what time of day is it?", and
"Can you tell me what happened?"

possibly many different times.

socialism, (+), passing covid mention 

We have a standing hang-out time with an afk friend. A few times a week, we just chill and do whatever together. (We're both vaxxed.)

Recently, we've been spending a good chunk of that time watching Second Thought, a YouTube channel that tackles current events from a Socialist perspective at a 101 level.

Today, he asked what the name of the channel was so he could watch it on his own.

We were not expecting this. But we're incredibly happy it happened.

"Each one, teach one," as they say.

re: musing about our taste in media 


Not sure, but that sounds like something we should look into.

Today is the one day of the year where cultural influences align just right and everyone, normal or not, likes disco.

(link cw: covid, charity fundraising)

musing about our taste in media 

We hate deserts.

We have no idea why, but when we reach a scene/level/etc. that's set in a desert world, there's a not-insignificant chance that we'll stop watching/playing before it's over.

Examples of this include:

  • Tatooine (Star Wars desert planet)
  • Dusty Dunes (RCT desert scenario)
  • Gallopolis (DQ XI S desert oasis city)
  • Mad Max (pretty much the entire thing is set in an apocalyptic desert wasteland)

For some reason, if we end up having to play/watch a segment set in the desert, we have to put a lot of effort into powering through it. Even once we do, there's still a chance that we'll burn ourselves out on that piece of media and put it down for a while, possibly forever.

Is that weird?

[what isn't these days?]

True. Still though.

Gonna say it again for the folks at the back: otherkin-bashing and furry-bashing are, and always have been, just queer-bashing with a blanket over it. Targeting esoteric outsiders in a community is always about ganging up on the queers by using perceived weirdness as a wedge.

As ever, strive to ask yourself a very simple question before you pop off: "is this actually hurting anybody?" If not, then keep your damn mouth closed.

re: FediBlock Rec 


You know your instance is bad when (an instance with effectively no moderation) decides to defederate with you.

From birdsite 

RT @dog_rates
We only rate dogs. This is an owl. I don’t care how friendly he is, please only send dogs. We are getting frustrated. Thank you... 13/10

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