angry about FOSS toxicity, YT link, some capslock 

Someone submitted a "Merch Message" in the latest WAN Show attempting to call Linus out for hating on the Linux UX without having contributed code.

To put it bluntly, this person is the biggest problem we have with Linux, personified.

Linus's response is perfect and we don't understand how this isn't just assumed.

"As a User, you are allowed to talk about the User Experience. That is all the credentials that you need."

Then he proceeds to explain that the Devs are too close to their project to understand the needs of a more general user. AKA, the EXACT FUCKING ISSUE with the Linux community, and FOSS advocacy in general, that we've been screaming from the rooftops for months now.

Like seriously, how the FUCK is this so hard to understand? (timecode 1:03:35)

angry about FOSS toxicity, YT link, some capslock 


The amount I like Linus just increased massively, good for him.

Linux and FOSS have so much capacity to improve the quality of lives of people but this kind of attitude torpedos that so hard.

angry about FOSS toxicity, YT link, some capslock 


It would be one thing if access to programming knowledge was truly equally distributed and there wasn't massive gatekeeping, but that is absolutely not the world we live in.

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