psa, exploding power supplies, :boost_ok: appreciated 

If you recently bought a Gigabyte power supply, it may be at risk of exploding. Newegg has been selling these power supplies in bundles with high-end graphics cards to try and liquidate e-waste stock.

From what we understand, the safety mechanism that's supposed to shut it down if there's an unsafe spike in usage (Over Power Protection, OPP) didn't kick in until serious damage was already done.

Gamer's Nexus did a video that goes more in-depth than we could ever hope to.

As of yet, Gigabyte has opted to issue an update to lower the OPP threshold rather than issue a recall.

Please double-check your power supplies in all computers you use or admin to see if they're affected.

Stay safe.

psa, exploding power supplies, :boost_ok: appreciated 

@The1AndMany wait how do you "update" a power supply

psa, exploding power supplies, :boost_ok: appreciated 


Apologies, that might not have been the best word choice. From the looks of it, this update only applies to new PSUs. That said, it seems that Gigabyte is accepting returns and exchanges if your PSU's serial number falls into the affected range.

This is what we get for not checking primary sources. :/

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