microfiction (by Q, feedback welcome) [93 words, 532 chars] 

"My my, what a curious hoard," the prince said. He spied several items that seemed out-of-place. Mystical tomes, foreign delicacies, even a few vials of holy water.

"I collect that which your kind covets," the dragon replied. "Monetary value is not all that exists."

"Is that so?" The prince thought for a moment. "Then, if I may ask, what item in your hoard would you say is most valuable?"

The dragon didn't even hesitate. "Come now, your highness. Surely you must know the answer by now~"

The prince chuckled. "Don't you forget it, my love~"

microfiction (by Q, feedback welcome) [93 words, 532 chars] 

@The1AndMany I have only one feedback


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