old-school drm, deep dive, lol 

Currently reading about a DRM scandal from 2005.

Sony used a form of DRM called Extended Copy Protection (XCP) on their audio CDs for a while, but users quickly became outraged when it was discovered to install a rootkit onto any computer that tried to play those CDs. This was obviously a Very Bad Thing.

Sony initially denied that the rootkit was harmful, and supplied an uninstaller for download. This uninstaller, however, didn't actually remove the rootkit, and instead installed even more software that you couldn't uninstall, and even added a backdoor into your system! And to add insult to injury, you had to provide an email address to download the thing, which almost certainly added you to a marketing email list.

Eventually, Sony recalled about 10% of the affected CDs, settled a handful of class-action lawsuits, and discontinued the DRM program in 2007.

The best part? Apparently this DRM could be entirely bypassed by drawing on the outer rim of the CD with marker.

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