Today's a big day. In about an hour, a friend's gonna be coming over to help us move all our shit to a new house, which is gonna be the first we'll have all to ourselves.

Major milestone. Hoping the transition goes smoothly.

(As we were typing this, he got here early. Here we go!)

introspection, prediction, (+++) 

First night sleeping in the new house. It doesn't feel real yet.

Something tells me that, over the next couple days, we're gonna keep having sudden realizations about just how big of a change this is. How good of a change this is. Each time, we'll get a hit of dopamine, then we'll forget for a while until the next sudden realization. They'll keep coming for a handful of weeks, progressively becoming more subdued. By this time next month, we're gonna be completely adjusted to our new normal.

And as far as we're concerned, that process will definitely be a good thing.

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re: introspection, prediction, (+++) 

@The1AndMany Nice!!

Yeah first few days sleeping in a new house always feel /weird/.

re: introspection, prediction, (+++) 

@The1AndMany Besides the whole... *pawgesture*.

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