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updated intro! (death mention, ~2300 chars) 

Hello there!

We are Rez. We are a plural system with 6-7 known components, depending on how you count it.


Sam: Here since birth. Usually human. Likes technology and anime. Technically started as the host, but has settled into a mostly-equal role. He/him, 💙, Feb 1.

Logan: First non-host headmate. Anthro fox by default, but tends to change form whenever inspiration strikes. Used to be Sam's fursona. Likes bad puns and dad jokes. If we're shitposting, it's almost certainly Logan. They/them, 🧡​, Jan 20.

Max: Sam's little counterpart. Age varies, typically around 10-13. Incapable of thinking about adult stuff, including lewdness. If he's around, Sam probably isn't. He/him, 💙​, Feb 22.

Q: Used to be our collective subconscious. 1-foot-tall ruby dragon. Powered by Clarke's Law. Strongest body dysmorphia out of all of us. Currently teaching the rest of us self-care. It/its, ❤️, Apr 22.

Shawn: Isekai protagonist. Anthro canine, details unknown. Died protecting his little brother. Hasn't had much time to figure himself out, due to our tendency to get stuck together. He/him, 💜, Nov 24.

X: Literal alien. Currently studying life on Earth. May end up leaving once research is complete. Always speaks in third-person. No pronouns, no heart emoji, July 4.

(There's also one headmate who prefers to stay away from social media.)


Misc. system information below:

Body is masc-leaning non-binary. They/them pronouns very strongly preferred, but he/him will do in a pinch.

If you met us afk and asked if we were plural, we wouldn't deny it. But it's not something we bring up a lot, simply because it's a hassle to repeatedly explain to the uninitiated.

Asking for our "real name" will likely get you blocked. It's Rez.

Not always the best at staying separated from each other. Trying to practice, but progress is slow-going. Usually most distinct while trying to fall asleep.

Unable to compartmentalize information as of yet. With the exception of Max's child-safe filter, something you say to one of us will probably be heard by all of us.

Became aware of plural status 1/20/2020, but we suspect we've been plural for much longer than that.

Open to answering any/all questions about plurality. Please keep an open mind when asking, and be aware that we don't speak for all plural systems.


Alright, I think that about does it. See you around!

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sfw furry-adj art, selves-portrait, :boost_ok:​ 

More than a year after our "awakening", we finally have a proper selves-portrait!

This is what we look like by default in our headspace when we're stuck together. Feels great to finally have something to point at and definitively say "that's us!"

Sketch by @reno (@ArtRino1 on birdsite)
Color edits by us!

musing about the new intellivision console 

They're saying that all the games will be "exclusive" or at least have "exclusive versions" that you can only get on the Amico.

When it inevitably fails, we really hope someone figures out how to archive them and port them to other systems.

missing person, please share 

my friend's cousin has been missing for a week. he called his mother and told her he was in crisis but he disappeared before she arrived at his location. please share on and off masto especially if you are in the DC area

Name: Ian Solheim
Age: 32
Missing From: Washington, DC area;
1000 Block of Lamont Street. Northwest I
Date Missing:July 28, 2021
Physical Description
White Male
Height: 6'3'
Weight: 185
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Light Brown

❄ I want to abolish the cis. Obviously I don’t think everyone is trans, but I want to abolish the cis. I want to live in a world where everyone honestly asks the question of themselves, truly examines themselves and makes a conscious choice of their direction. I want nobody to have their gender decided for them.

Help Needed!

anyone in the Fediverse have experience navigating the United States mental health systems? Particularly with any knowledge of longer term residential MH facilities and how to talk to mental health social workers.

I am helping a loved one, and trying to figure it out mostly on my own.. and it’s real hard.

Boosts very welcome.

covid, (-) 

Folks, please be aware that breakthrough infections are a thing with the latest variants.

Some family members have received positive COVID results, even though they were vaccinated.

Normal is not here. Normal is in another castle and the code to get there has been corrupted during replication.

Stay safe out there.

dollhouses imply the existence of doll realtors, doll mortgages, doll credit scores

or doll socialism

a friend shared this company that makes underwear for people who arent able to put them on one leg at a time/etc. its brown person owned and they employ bipoc workers!

One, two, three, four, five
Everybody in the car, so come on, let's ride
To the liquor store around the corner
The boys say they want some gin and juice
But I really don't wanna


The length of the Gregorian Calendar's month and year were decided not based on the orbit of the Earth, but on how long it would take the average person to get used to writing the current month/year.

Specifically, it was decided to make these units end precisely when someone had unlearned their old force-of-habit and replaced it with a new one.

In other words, if you sometimes write "2/1/2020" when you mean "3/1/2021", that is very much intentional.

out of context 

"Generally speaking, businesses that have just spontaneously combusted aren't usually hiring."

grumpy about video games 

Remember that time that Bethesda released a $2.50 DLC for Elder Scrolls: Oblivion that did nothing but give your horse a set of cosmetic-only gold armor?

Remember how that was, at the time, considered to be the most aggregious form of in-game monetization?

We miss that.

reality tv shitpost 

We only just learned that Dragon's Den exists, and I already think it's way better than Shark Tank based solely on the name.

-Q, a dragon

random nostalgia 

Suddenly remembered that Cartoon Network used to advertise its shows by putting entire clips into the middle of commercial breaks.

Specifically, we remember one that was advertising their MAD show by just showing the entire Star Wars: The Groan Wars skit with a brief intro and mentioning the scheduled air time at the end.

We should see if we can find that show online somewhere...

indie game recommendation round-up, because why not? [very long, 3400+] 

A Dance of Fire And Ice - A one-button rhythm game that shows the beat as a path you must traverse. Takes a bit of learning, but lots of fun once you do. Also has Steam Workshop integration for user-made levels!


Donut County - Basically Katamari, but instead of rolling stuff up, you're sucking them into a hole in the ground. Rather short, but high Awesome Per Second levels.


Kairo - Minimalist exploration-based puzzle solving game. Very beautiful. Be sure to 100% the game so you can see the secret bonus ending!


Papo & Yo - A puzzle platformer revolving around a giant monster. CW for child abuse and death. The twist at the end hit us right in the feels.


Everything - A super-chill universe simulator. You can take the form of anything you encounter. Features snippets of an Alan Watts lecture contemplating the nature of the universe. Also, you'd be surprised how long the tutorial is. (CW: golden gate area contains several "characters" who regret everything and feel that they're doomed to suffer eternally)


140 - Minimalist music-heavy platformer. As you progress through the level, you activate more mechanics that contribute to the music. You don't need a good sense of rhythm, though it will help a great deal. CW for flashing lights.


The BIT.TRIP series - Runner was rather popular when it first came out, but the rest of the series is also worth a play. All games are rhythm-based, and each has wildly different gameplay mechanics.


Duet - Beautiful minimalist game that doesn't really lend itself to any particular genre. You control two orbs that spin around each other, and must dodge incoming blocks. The level titles and narration are themed around the stereotypical stages of grief.


Distance - High-speed acrobatic racer. Like Rocket League, but with racing instead of soccer. CW for corruption themes in story mode.


Mini Metro - Minimalist subway simulator. You'll need to find your own fun after unlocking everything, as there's no extrinsic reward beyond that.


Yoku's Island Express - Cross-genre between pinball and platforming. Very cute and very wholesome.


Screen Cheat - Split-screen FPS where all characters are invisible. The only way to find your enemy is to look at their part of the screen, hence the name.


Crypt of the Necrodancer - Rougelite dungeon crawler where all movement is tied to the beat of the BGM. There's also a Zelda version on the Switch.


OpenRCT2 - Requires assets from an RCT2 install, but that's available for cheap on Steam and GOG. Native Linux client, tons of bugfixes and quality-of-life improvements. They're also beta testing a new save format that allows for larger maps with more ride types.


Elite Dangerous - Space flight simulator. Haven't played in a while, honestly, but it was tons of fun back when we did, and we'd be remiss to not mention it. We recommend skipping the Odyssey expansion until they fix the bugs.


Sid Meyer's Pirates! - Pirate simulator from the mind behind the Civilization series. Need we say more?


Towerfall Ascension - Local multiplayer competitive archery. Lots of fun with friends, especially if you're bored of Jackbox.


Tower Unite - The spiritual successor to Gmod Tower. Contains several gamemodes, including minigolf, a top-down zombie shooter, and our personal favorite, a Super Monkey Ball clone.


Feel free to add to this list with your own favorite hidden gems!

Hey, would anyone be open for me to comission them a full-body colored sketch of a fursona that doesn’t have a visual reference yet? It’s a raccoon with a fairly simple design

Does anyone know of a pluralkit alternative that works with Matrix rather than Discord? :boost_ok:

out of context 

"There's no pizza jail."

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