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new instance intro! (extremely long, hypno mention) 

Hello there!

We are Rez. We are a plural system with three or four known components. (Depends how you count it.)

Sam is the one who's been here since birth. He has mild autism (what used to be called Asperger's Syndrome), and is perfectly content identifying as human. He loves technology and anime, but he tends to have a problem finishing what he starts. Being plural has been quite an adjustment, but he's doing his best to be as accommodating of a headmate as he can. He/him, 💙, Feb 1.

Logan was the first new headmate to show up. They're technically an anthro fox, but they like to play fast and loose with their form. Their anthro fox form is actually based on Sam's old fursona! They like bad puns and dad jokes. If we're shitposting, it's almost certainly Logan. They/them, 🧡​, Jan 20.

Max is... complicated. He's sorta a time capsule of Sam's past selves. His age fluctuates every time he comes out, and he doesn't always have control over it. In most cases, only one of Sam/Max can be out at a time. Max also has a filter that makes him incapable of thinking about adult stuff, including but not limited to lewdness. Sometimes wears a fursuit. In general, just treat him like a kid when he's out and you'll get along with him well enough. He/him, 💙​, Feb 22.

Q is our newest headmate at time of writing. It used to be our collective subconscious, but it ended up becoming quite a bit more than that. It's still figuring itself out, but it's constantly making progress! It considers itself a 1-foot-tall dragon made of ruby shards with smooth edges and powered by Clarke's Law technology. It has the worst body dysmorphia of all of us, bad enough that the first words out of our mouth when it fronts are "fuck this body". It also seems to be the only one of us who cares about our body's health, which kinda pisses it off. It/its, ❤️, Apr 22.

That's about it for each of us individually, but we've got some trivia about the system as a whole below!

We are currently going to college for a degree in cybersecurity. Expected graduation Summer Term 2021.

We see our body as masc-leaning non-binary. AMAB.

We're entirely open about being plural online, but we still tend not to mention it in professional settings or with acquaintances we don't know that well yet. We're not ashamed, it's just really cumbersome to explain well.

Asking for our "real name" will likely get you blocked. It's Rez.

We prefer not to talk about politics because we don't like getting in arguments. That said, if something pisses us off enough, there's a decent chance we'll speak out about it.

We're a relatively new system ("officially" plural as of Jan 20, 2020), so we're not the best at staying distinct from each other just yet. We'll try to sign our solo posts, but if we don't it's either because we're too blendy or we're all thinking the same thing. Feel free to ask who's talking if it's not clear, but be aware that we may not know either.

Believe it or not, we became plural by accident. Sam was bored and lonely one day, knew how to do self-hypno, and didn't realize the weight of what he was doing. He's come to terms with it now, but he's gotten super careful with that sort of thing.

If you want to talk to one of us directly, just ask! However, keep in mind that we aren't all that good at compartmentalizing information, so everyone will be listening in. (The only exception we've noticed is Max and adult stuff, including but not limited to lewd.)

I'm sure we don't have to say this to anyone on this instance, but if you see us on the Fedi timeline and are curious about anything plural-related, feel free to ask. All we ask in return is an open mind.

Alright, I think that about does it. See you around!

therapy, relationships, (+++) 

Had a minor breakthrough at therapy today.

Ever since we became official with them (about a month and a half ago), we've doubted ourselves. We couldn't see why they loved us, and we constantly worried about whether they were really happy.

Mentioned it to our therapist today. He had an interesting take. It turns out that we've been taking something for granted.

They choose to stay with us. That alone proves that they love us. Proves that they're happy. Proves that they want this to carry on.

And, despite our reservations and deep-seated self-doubt, we choose to stay too. Which proves we feel the same.

It's still sinking in. But it's already helping.


I like's DMCA terms.
"We host content for 48 hours, and we strictly comply with DMCA requests which by coincidence take about 48 hours to process."

weed question 

Is it a good idea to get high and take a bubble bath?

maybe joking?, re: web, lol 

Shoulda written it in COBOL!

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web, lol 

It is now 12:02 AM EST, December 1st, 2020. Advent of Code's site is down. Can't say we're surprised.

open letter to HBO that they will never read 

Dear HBO,

Please release McMillions and The Inventor on DVD/Blu-Ray. You already did it with Westworld, why not these?


re: conspiracy theories (non-specific) 

Is it just us, or does believing in Occam's Razor seem mutually exclusive with believing in basically any conspiracy theory?

plurality, metaphor? 

"Christ when i start talking to them it can get to being like a group chat in my head honestly"

This is so accurate tho, like, your phone will be quiet and you'll be doing your thing and then you'll msg something to someone or in general, and then next thing u know half the group is replying to you and going on tangents

incredible gaming feat 

This game is called "A Dance of Fire and Ice". The shape of the path follows the rhythm of the beat. This level is the bonus level for beating all the main levels, plus their speed trials. It is very hard, especially compared to the levels that came before..

For the record, the only thing better than this would be a Pure Perfect, which would require getting every single note with exactly perfect timing.

(Also, sorry if the quality's poor, had to downscale to fit within the size limit.)

late night lego design 

After seeing @david post today's challenge pic, we now know that "dice towers" exist. A little while later, and now we've designed our own out of Lego!

This design was made in LegoCAD/LeoCAD. We're making this design Public Domain, so DM us for a link to the .ldr file.

late night lego design 

After seeing @david post today's challenge pic, we now know that "dice towers" exist. A little while later, and now we've designed our own out of Lego!

This design was made in LegoCAD/LeoCAD. We're making this design Public Domain, so DM us for a link to the .ldr file.

re: unashamedly ad block 

You know how AdNauseam is banned from the official Google Chrome store? Why isn't NoScript?

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unashamedly ad block 

Website: We notice you're using adblock. Please add us to your whitelist to view this site. At all.

Us: *laughs in NoScript*

list of hot takes, possibly preaching to the choir (some of these are political) 

If any of the following surprise you, you need to get out more. Only about half of these are good. No, we will not elaborate which ones.

* Someone using "they/them" pronouns
* Someone using "we/us" when referring to themselves
* Orwell's books, particularly Animal Farm and 1984, may as well be documentaries
* Regular news articles about horrible work conditions at big tech companies (particularly Amazon and AAA game studios)
* Someone identifying as anything other than human
* Adults acting like children (both the "entitled gamer" kind and the "age regression" kind)
* Minimum wage is almost universally not enough to pay for essential expenses
* "Essential workers" only make minimum wage
* People are consistently unable to take days off (reasons vary)

(Feel free to chuck some more in the replies!)


Leftover pepperoni from making pizza a couple nights ago = easy high-protein snack!

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