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new pinned post, re: following people 

There's a bunch of really awesome critters out there on fedi that we like encountering on occasion, but who post so often it's hard for us to keep up.

Our home TL is a more cozy place. We've put a lot of effort into curating it, and we actually try to keep up with every post that comes across it. If following you would flood our home TL with your posts, we probably won't.

That's not to say posting that often is a bad thing. If you enjoy that amount of posting, then by all means, go nuts!

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pinned note about post signatures 

[no signature] - Either we can't tell who made this post, or its author should be self-evident

[one headmate listed] - This post was written by the indicated headmate

[multiple headmates listed, comma separated list] - This post was written by the first headmate listed, but the other listed headmates agree with what was said and wish to cosign

[multiple headmates listed, slash separated list] - All listed headmates contributed to the creation of this post in roughly equal measure. Can be followed by a comma separated list

[one headmate listed, "et. al"] - This post was written by the indicated headmate, but all headmates agree with what was said

["The Rez System"] - All headmates contributed to this post in roughly equal measure

-The Rez System

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updated intro! (death mention, ~2300 chars) 

Hello there!

We are Rez. We are a plural system with 6-7 known components, depending on how you count it.


Sam: Here since birth. Usually human. Likes technology and anime. Technically started as the host, but has settled into a mostly-equal role. He/him, 💙, Feb 1.

Logan: First non-host headmate. Anthro fox by default, but tends to change form whenever inspiration strikes. Used to be Sam's fursona. Likes bad puns and dad jokes. If we're shitposting, it's almost certainly Logan. They/them, 🧡​, Jan 20.

Max: Sam's little counterpart. Age varies, typically around 10-13. Incapable of thinking about adult stuff, including lewdness. If he's around, Sam probably isn't. He/him, 💙​, Feb 22.

Q: Used to be our collective subconscious. 1-foot-tall ruby dragon. Powered by Clarke's Law. Strongest body dysmorphia out of all of us. Currently teaching the rest of us self-care. It/its, ❤️, Apr 22.

Shawn: Isekai protagonist. Anthro canine, details unknown. Died protecting his little brother. Hasn't had much time to figure himself out, due to our tendency to get stuck together. He/him, 💜, Nov 24.

X: Literal alien. Currently studying life on Earth. May end up leaving once research is complete. Always speaks in third-person. No pronouns, no heart emoji, July 4.

(There's also one headmate who prefers to stay away from social media.)


Misc. system information below:

Body is masc-leaning non-binary. They/them pronouns very strongly preferred, but he/him will do in a pinch.

If you met us afk and asked if we were plural, we wouldn't deny it. But it's not something we bring up a lot, simply because it's a hassle to repeatedly explain to the uninitiated.

Asking for our "real name" will likely get you blocked. It's Rez.

Not always the best at staying separated from each other. Trying to practice, but progress is slow-going. Usually most distinct while trying to fall asleep.

Unable to compartmentalize information as of yet. With the exception of Max's child-safe filter, something you say to one of us will probably be heard by all of us.

Became aware of plural status 1/20/2020, but we suspect we've been plural for much longer than that.

Open to answering any/all questions about plurality. Please keep an open mind when asking, and be aware that we don't speak for all plural systems.


Alright, I think that about does it. See you around!

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sfw furry-adj art, selves-portrait, :boost_ok:​ 

More than a year after our "awakening", we finally have a proper selves-portrait!

This is what we look like by default in our headspace when we're stuck together. Feels great to finally have something to point at and definitively say "that's us!"

Sketch by @reno (@ArtRino1 on birdsite)
Color edits by us!

FFXIV shitpost 

We really like the Twin Adders, and we can't wait until we start building a reputation with the Maelstrom, but we're kinda low-key dreading the rep grind for the Immortal Flames...

Guess we're holding ourselves to a pretty strict Double Standard, huh?

boost w/ alt text 


The Salvation Army is NOT a charity.

They are an evangelical protestant church that uses donated money to actively oppress gay rights.

They have threatened to close tens of thousands of New York soup kitchens if they are forced to adhere to civil rights laws when dealing with gay employees.

They spend your money lobbying governments to prevent LGBT rights legislation.

Please research a charity before giving.

Happy Holidays!

It is entirely because of Technology Connections that I know it is possible (and highly advisable to) clean ones dishwasher.


PSA: It is possible (and highly advisable) to clean ones dishwasher.

For any Instance Admins out there, what kind of specs are your servers running? I'm curious :blobeyes:


We've heard about a TTRPG called Pugmire. It's basically DnD, but everyone's an anthro dog, so it's obviously right up our alley. But we never really looked into it.

Just now learned that their moral code system uses "Be a Good Dog" as Rule 0.

And we found an official free download of the core rulebook. (Click here, then click the picture of the phone. Gonna need a free account, throwaway email recommended.)

We kinda have to try it out now, don't we?

body weird 

Consider... tails.
No, more of them.
Keep going.
Don't stop.


Cute Idea:

A therapist who's also a potion maker, with a transformation focus. For some clients, they take the potion, turning into a dragon to warm their souls, or serpent to offer touch. For others, they offer the potions, letting clients experience whatever body they wish.

anime in real life 

Being polyamorous is more or less like being a Harem Anime Protagonist, with two key differences:

  • You don't (necessarily) have to be an idiot
  • You don't have to choose just one love interest at the end

Here is a warm, not too hot, cup of tea. 🍵 it is for all tealovers and ill people suffering with a cold atm. 🥺 Get well soon, cuties. And enjoy this cup of tea. 💚

grumping about school 

Our local community college: Hey, make sure you fill out this vaccination form before [date]! It's mandatory for all current students!

Us: We dropped out in January. Why the fuck are we still getting these emails?

Sea urchins like to pick up shells and rocks and wear them as "hats"; the reason isn't well-understood, but it may protect them from predators or help weigh them down so they're less likely to be washed away during storms. So some aquarists have taken to making tiny hats for their sea urchins, which the urchins voluntarily pick up and put on:

semi-evergreen vent toot, long (~1750 chars), re: FOSS, :boost_ok:​ 

FOSS is amazing and important. But the FOSS community as it currently stands is toxic to an insane degree.

News flash: Not everyone who uses FOSS programs is technical enough to make their own.

If someone complains about something they find inconvenient or inaccessible about a program they otherwise enjoy using, the correct answer is NOT to respond with "Why don't you just code it yourself?"

To only offer that response is to willingly ignore the fact that plenty of users (ourselves included) don't have the technical know-how to build something so complex, even if they fork your code. Whether intentional or not, you're implicitly gatekeeping so that the only people who can enjoy the same programs you do are the ones who can build their own.

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but that's leaving out a HUGE portion of potential users.

If you really do care about FOSS becoming mainstream, then it's in your best interests to make it as accessible as possible to everyone, not just the people who think like you do.

The only way to dismantle Big Tech's de facto monopoly is to work together to find a better solution. And refusing to objectively improve your precious source code is not the way to do that.

And guess what? Thanks to the Steam Deck, soon there's gonna be a bunch of non-techie people trying out Linux. You can't keep gatekeeping forever. If FOSS is to survive, it must adapt. Not exclude.

If you disagree with any of the above, YOU are the problem with the FOSS community. YOU are the reason FOSS isn't mainstream yet.

The block button's right there. Save yourself some time and use it. Nobody wants or needs to hear your rebuttal. Goodbye.

pol, meme, meta 

You can tell people are getting fed up with capitalism because someone just posted this in the meme channel on a local discord and nobody called them out. (alt-text provided)

FFXIV, upset 

ah yes, right before the final boss of a long-ass dungeon is the perfect fucking time for the power to go out.

There are two types of people in the world: Those that make dad jokes, and those that just facepalm in response.

(Lucky for us, we have at least one of each.)

I want to live in a world of extreme body polymorphism. I want a world where someone can be a human, or furry, or elvan fae, four legged wolf, giant dragon, a collective of foxes, small box robot on wheels, hive of nanobots, copyright infringement, abstract geometry...

I want a world where any conceivable thing can be considered as a form, to have "personhood", and efforts are made to allow all those types of being to exist relatively in the same culture, to the best of our efforts.


new pajama shirt unlocked at the thrift shop 2day

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