Brainweird stuff about memory 

I dont know if im just being dramatic or if our memories are actually fading away..?

maybe we need to stop comparing people to "normal" in #psychology because being divergent from current cultural norms is probably a good thing.

Do yall know any plural subreddits that dont allow exlusionists?

gender dysphoria mention 

We started making an plague doctor oc but he's so similar to us it might as well be our docsona. And we sort of realized, slowly, that we can't cosplay in mens clothing yet becuase it doesn't fit us right. The only option there would be your typical plague costume. We wanted something more unique though.

hey can we as a society just realize straws are useless and bad..just put the cup to your mouth, ya know. And theres always metal straws if you want them that bad.

Light medical mention 

Did you all know that there is a plague doctor section of tiktok? -pj/antony

That last toot was Cee. Hi, I dont have a name yet. I want a quirky/fun name. I was also thinking maybe Antony would suit me, also Pj? Feel free to throw names my way. ;P ok bye

M'aiq wonders, who tutors tooters to toot, and is it harder to toot or to tutor tooters to toot?

We started doing art again. I really like doing art with unconventional tools like walnuts and crushed raspberry. I just rub that stuff on the paper and bam. Its art. Maybe I'll take some pictures?

hi! I'm jax. We call ourselves startatzero! Theres also Blue here. We are median currently but we are fluid with how median we are. More people will come in and then go, in the future.

I cant offer much info about our plurality because we have no idea how we work.

We struggle with many things so please be patient. What are those things? Stick around and find out!

We like to write and be in nature. We're currently interested in a amature astronomy as well. And we really enjoy the Moomins. We're reading Comet in Moominland.

Bodily, we are 18. Come and talk to us, ask us anything, send us memes, whatever. Be nice though.

~Jax and Blue

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