ok well now we're finding out that Elle is a massive fan of soundtracks so we have to add the entire star wars soundtrack to our main playlist. the *entire* soundtrack

We should probably do a full post here. Hi I'm Jay, original(?) and main fronter of the system. Elle is the second most vocal (at least to me) and is an amazing lovely person. Xion tends to only front in social situations, and is the "funny girl" of the system. Rey... is awake like once a week but she's cool too. I don't know her much because she never comes out

[I feel like it's sort of my job to be the therapist of the system. I wish I was better at it too. Because between the four of us I'm the only one who is not wanting to die over 50% of the time. I *should* be the one who keeps everyone safe but I never know what to say. it kind of sucks]

kinda nsfw I guess 

Had my first experience with passive influence today. Turns out system members can somehow change the other's sexuality which freaks me out because I don't feel attraction normally and it makes me reeeaaaallly uncomfortable

[UwU, notices your cuteness. How would you like your gender validated]

Important thing for all who can see this.

If someone confronts you on your racism or sexism... that means that they like you enough and trust you enough to hear and listen.

If they didn't think you were redeemable, if they didn't think you were worth it, they would roll their eyes and just avoid you. Block on sight, shut down in conversation.

If we confront you about it, no matter how bruskly it may seem. It means that we legitimately think you are better.

[Jay: I need to play through the 18 new games I haven't played yet
Also Jay: let's play through the entirety of every single game I have ever owned again starting with my 23rd playthrough of portal two]

Our teacher be asking us about our leadership experience not knowing that I'm actually leading an entire squadron of people in our body

(might be a VERY unpopular opinion) med, health related PSA | long toot 

Self-diagnosis is okay.
Looking at the ICD/DSM, talking to people diagnosed with it, researching and *finding that this is what your life is like* is okay.
You don't have to go to a doctor, you don't have to experience every single minor symptom, you don't have to "always had it". No.
If you find something that explains everything perfectly and that is what you need, then diagnose yourself.

If you need specific accommodations, talk to a doctor or otherwise medical professional, because that's something the system needs. If you find that their advice isn't helpful, talk to the next one. Talk to everyone until you find someone who understands.

I also don't always have the energy to follow that advice, but it still influences my way of approaching the journey to health.

pluralphobia, PSA on how to ACTUALLY include plurals 

If you claim to be a community that includes plurals in your discussions, but you only ever give us the means to talk about ourselves as a system and never give room for the potential for just one person in a system participating without the rest?

That's as pluralphobic as denying that there's a system at all.

Individual plurans are not our whole systems and deserve to be considered regular individual people. If we aren't able to participate as individuals, it's erasure of the fact that we are individuals.

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