Hello, we're the SatuSepiida system! We all like dragons and solarpunk. Here are some of the folks you might see around:

xe/xem/xyr/xyrs or they/them
Sometimes xe's a cephalopod alien, other times a dromaeosaurid dinosaur. Often stuck being human in front, tho. Xe likes chaos magic and anarchy.

They're a void person. They often act as our protector and voice of reason.

fae/faer/faers or she/her
Fae's a witch and a forest spirit. And a librarian in headspace. Sometimes fae takes the shape of a cinnamon bear.

A friendly purple demon who likes collecting rocks. She often encourages us to be creative.

Hai I'm Sorin!!
I was dormant for a while but I'm back now. I have been taking the form of a raccoon in headspace lately. I like to draw - tho we all like making art and writing stories Aloysius forgot to say XD

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@SatuSepiida chaos magic and anarchy??? hell yeah, thats like two of us!
also other demons in this system who would love to meet you! we're all pro-nonhuman

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