Why EMTs might ask your name or "what happened?" over and over 

It's not because they're bad at taking notes or doubt your story or whatever, it's because they're assessing your neurological function.

People are generally aware of their context. When brain function degrades or is disrupted, people lose that awareness in a way that's extremely consistent depending on severity. The first thing to go is immediate history, then rough time of day, then where you are, and finally who you are.

This is measured and recorded as whether a patient is alert and oriented to their person, place, time, and events -- A+O x0 to A+O x4.

So a provider will ask:
"Can you tell me your name?"
"Where are we right now?"
"About what time of day is it?", and
"Can you tell me what happened?"

possibly many different times.


Why EMTs might ask your name or "what happened?" over and over 

@starkatt Oh, jeezus that's useful.

We're a little worried re: systems but like...yeah, we're definitely boosting this because we've never had a situation where we had to deal with this but we know there is a nonzero chance this could happen in our lifetime, etc etc.

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