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Please do not respond to this or any of our other pinned posts unless we have specified. This is just to keep everything "clean" since we're Plural and we're using the pinned posts to let people know things.

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Hey! We're Rusanya!! We're hoping this is the last time we have to make an introduction post for Mastodon, but you never know!

Anyways, the shorter form of this is that we use they/them collectively when we're being openly endogenic, and she/they when we're closeted and pretending to be singlet.

We're hoping this space will be a more personal space for ourselves, given our tendencies to make Political Posts everywhere else. That doesn't mean we won't boost stuff, but, if you came here from our Twitter, we feel you should be aware of that.

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We're just going to list our headmates below, and are using this post for pinning purposes.


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Want to see us thrive and stuff? (Links to our Donation Pages, Subscribe Pages, Etc.) 

Then pay us!! //lh, hj

Honestly, we figure we may as well have this here just in case. Anyways, boosts are okay for this one. :boost_ok: Just keep in mind this toot thread is our generalized set of payment/donation links, rather for than a specific cause?

Our Cash App:$rusanyacollective

Venmo (if you use this one, PLEASE keep the name an open secret; we wanna change it to Rusanya one day but Venmo is Weird But Working now):

Our Twitch (which we hope will have a stream up at some point this year but has nothing yet, whoops):

Shitpost (Kinda) 

The multiple's urge to just —

*Gains another member*

Winter Gift-Giving Holiday 

*Hangs the one (1) ornament we have onto our gay little tree*

Annoying System Bumbling, Positive Subtoot about some Corgis (y'all know whomst you are) 

We learned a new word today. :v


Barnyard (Movie) 

Anyways, we didn't watch what we planned to last night but we DID watch Barnyard and we love that Otis is just Very Explicitly Transmasc without outright saying it.

Please recommend movies to us that we can watch this evening, but aren't too complicated so we can also play Fortnite at the same exact time. :v

Some of us feel the need to just chill out and relax, partially because I did a stupid (but not quite trouble-making) thing today and got emotionally charged (and I think nobody in the outer world has even noticed).

- Hailey (Academic mostly)

Work, Food, Kitten 

Cringe: Staying out in the living-room-kitchen complex during lunch.

Based: Spending time with kittun during lunch, because we ate earlier today during our first 15 minute break, and she clearly wishes to see us right now.

- Amira

Kitty's favorite new toy: toilet paper!!

We're trying to get her to stop, but also, please enjoy seeing the face of a criminal.

The only thing we don't have is a headset (because that was provided to us by our company so no, we will not be using it for this).

Anyways: office to gaming desk conversion is mostly complete.

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"BYOP" stands for "bring your own peripheral" so when we aren't at work, we can do whatever the f**k we want with our keyboard, mouse, and second monitor lol.

- Hollyleaf and Hailey

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*The Realization dawns upon us*



Does that mean —?

Hehehe yessss.

*Goes to plug HDMI cable into personal laptop to see how our video games and STEAM/Itxh/etc. accounts look with a second monitor*

Watership Down 

Oooh or we can read more of Watership Down!!

They got to the new place already but there's still tons of Book so obviously something goes down.

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Moabinogi, Work ment. 

Hmmm we actually have this thing called "free time" now that we work a work-from-home office job, shall we play Mabinogi?

We aren't quite to the point of streaming yet (we're too nervous but ALSO need to install OBS studio and VLC and test stuff out etc etc) but we just wanna play.

Uhm, does anyone still play Mabinogi?

We're in the kitchen because the ethernet cord is too big for the plug in the bedroom wall, so we asked for maintenance to come into our apartment tomorrow and we might go back to Best Buy after work today to get an ethernet wall plug. :v

- Hailey (Admin, Academic)

For now, have a kitty! Before we go back of work, of course.

- Hailey (Idol)

We mean, it's a good smell, don't get us wrong, we just find it super fucking hilarious that our standards are now "how well can we curate our personal space" and we don't mean that in a vent way, it is genuinely funny to us.

Because we still want to do super cool stuff (like become a researcher so we can research endogenic systems like ourselves), but the need for immediacy has turned, uh, way down since Raymond's childhood and then the Haileys' time in middle school.

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Capslock, Personal Joke Musings/Meme(?) 

Us when we were younger: "We think it would be SUPER DUPER cool to do stuff like GO TO SPACE and BECOME A DOCTOR whee!"

Us now: Hehe, bathroom smells like raspberries. :)

Our cat is a little hellion and likes to attack our feet when playing.

No picture right now, just a note about her, because it's very hard to get media of something like that when you're the only brain-body living in the places your cat is at.

"Oh, look at this merch we will never be able to afford!! Reminds me of home!!"


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