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Please do not respond to this or any of our other pinned posts unless we have specified. This is just to keep everything "clean" since we're Plural and we're using the pinned posts to let people know things.

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Hey! We're Rusanya!! We're hoping this is the last time we have to make an introduction post for Mastodon, but you never know!

Anyways, the shorter form of this is that we use they/them collectively when we're being openly endogenic, and she/they when we're closeted and pretending to be singlet.

We're hoping this space will be a more personal space for ourselves, given our tendencies to make Political Posts everywhere else. That doesn't mean we won't boost stuff, but, if you came here from our Twitter, we feel you should be aware of that.

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We're just going to list our headmates below, and are using this post for pinning purposes.


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Want to see us thrive and stuff? (Links to our Donation Pages, Subscribe Pages, Etc.) 

Then pay us!! //lh, hj

Honestly, we figure we may as well have this here just in case. Anyways, boosts are okay for this one. :boost_ok: Just keep in mind this toot thread is our generalized set of payment/donation links, rather for than a specific cause?

Our Cash App:$rusanyacollective

Venmo (if you use this one, PLEASE keep the name an open secret; we wanna change it to Rusanya one day but Venmo is Weird But Working now):

Our Twitch (which we hope will have a stream up at some point this year but has nothing yet, whoops):


We appreciate all of the photos here y'all, thank you so much for sharing pet photos.

We are always opennfor seeing more pets, obviously, sksksk, we just wanted to say something.

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Request for pet pictures 

Hey, can we have pictures of peoples' pets? Pets are cute, we're having a rough day.

Only if you WANT to share your pet(s) though.

Work (Punny) 

I hate Keith so much right now.

"If there's a paper towel shortage in the US, does that mean everyone is a Bounty hunter?"

- Oscar Versallius

We love how Mastodon feeds into our less toxic tendencies compared to Twitter.

"Why don't you& just leave Twitter then?" well for starters, there are portions of our rather massive audience who probably wouldn't move over here.

For second, we just want this particular space to exist and talk about what we want. Like please.

We reply to a bot to share a plushie 

@plush_bot Look, we have a cute plushie. He's a little used up, but we got him two years ago when we first moved into our current town. He was originally a gift for our headmate Kaname Madoka but now we all just hug him when we go to sleep.

Funny enough, we want to share the love that he was supposed to encapsulate for Valentines (but now does like, all of the time instead).

Yeah okay, we're probably good on the Masto end so we'll be pinning everything again shortly. :v

To be perfectly clear, we can't draw for shit, we just like to look at the pretty mermaids and boost them loool.

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*Chanting in fictive-heavy with a twst octotrio obsession*

Meymay! Mermay! Mermay! Mermay!

(We are maybe half sorry but not really lol.)

Abusive Parents Stuff, Urgent/Important For Followers 

Context: we cut off an emotionally abusive stepmother a few days back and we are hoping to god she didn't just see us at our workplace

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Abusive Parents Stuff, Urgent/Important For Followers 

We need to change our screenname temporarily so like we're gonna do that for a bit, it's just our system name we won't be using too much and we'll be taking our pinneds down for a bit.

Genshin Impact 

Oh yeah, btw, we started playing and we already blazed through meeting Venti as well as Diluc, and can we all agree that Diluc is just an older versionm of our headmate Silva hehe?

GeneralPol, PMMM, We made a photo edit 

Anyways look at what we made in picsart todayyyy during lunch.

We need to make that black box transparent but it looks sweet otherwise.

Twstlnd (gacha aspect) and us being Sad about it 

Okay so like we will probably have *one* chance to make a 10 pull for Beans Fest and we super duper hope we get Beans Floyd because we already have Beans Jade, and we missed our opportunity to get Beans Azul and we a VERY SAD about that shit okay?

We deserve all of the cards for fictive reasons. //joke


We also feel very strongly about how people should be allowed to get all of the way through school if that's what they desire, especially since our hellscape world is dependent on doing Just That.

Anyways, good morning everyone. :0

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USpol (IApol) 

We're very very glad there are people protesting this. Even if we aren't directly impacted by it, like, people should be allowed to have options. :v

Group of Metro High School students walk out in protest of daycare closure

Podcasts that anyone likes? Recommendations?

We wanna add more to our list, not that we need that rn.

Anyways sorry we aren't extremely active here

We are trying


Egg Day/Zombie Jesus Day 

Happy Easter to people who celebrate it. :chick_egg:

Plurality Stuff of the Disorienting Fictive Kind 

"Did the fictive come first or the book?" is too basic a question.

These days the new internal debate should be "did these fictives form upon our first encounter with the book series, or after the third time, some ten years later — causing the ILLUSION of the fictives coming first?"


Hehehe it's Ace Day...people told us about the cars deck thing and the cake thing and now we're all like:

"Heartslabyul is literally just the Autistic Asexual Dorm huh??"

Anywaysssss we need to learn to draw so we can draw an Ace Ace Ace, that is, an Ace (Asexual), Ace Trappola, who is an Ace of hearts (because of the character he's based off of iwrc) attending on of the unbirthday parties or smth.

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