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Help getting a stable job that's not shit, Boosts welcome 

Okay, here it goes —

Hi! We're Rusanya. Formally/Legally we go by a different name, and the reason we say this, is:

We're looking for a job. A stable one, preferably one we can either do from home on a 2013 Dell laptop (until we can afford to buy a newer/better laptop that is) or is willing to pay for us to break our lease and pay for our relocation for a few months while we settle down. This place should be accepting of Autistics, Queer people and the MOGAI community, and Endogenic Plural systems (or willing to learn about these things).

We are a US citizen, and would like to make at least $15 USD an hour since that should be a basic living wage here. Sick days and PTO would be nice. It probably needs to be a full-time job for us and training needs to be paid too. If we are relocating, we need to know ahead of time since we also have a cat with us and would need to put in a notice at our current workplace (once we're 100% guaranteed a job, no ifs ands or buts).

We've only been in retail/fast food jobs but we're are willing to learn anything that will help us get a new and more fulfilling job. We have a double B.A. in psychology and social justice and can send in transcripts for those once we confirm you/your business/your organization is legitimate. We consider ourselves a Neurodiversity activist do have a small amount of experience giving presentations on Neurodiversity — these were introductory lectures with a Q&A at the end of each session, they lasted for one hour and were part of a freshman seminar at the University of Iowa during the fall semester. We can give you our reference(s) who can confirm this and a picture or copy of the Q&A questions/transcript for those if you would like.

We used to be very good at writing things, and still can be given that it's the correct topic or that we are given ample time. We're told we can be very articulate, with hints of metacognitive thinking (that may or may not be part of our plurality, we aren't sure yet) given a deep enough knowledge of the subject at hand. We love to work with people and are very flexible, but we also refuse to change how we exist for them. This sounds contradictory, but we promise that, as an Autistic system, there are ways to make this contradiction work for itself.

We want to go back to graduate school eventually to do research on neurodiversity-related stuff and have a few pet ideas in mind already, so a position working with Neurodivergent people that could help us continue our education would be a bonus but not strictly necessary at this time.

Hopefully none of this is too demanding, so if you have any leads or are interested, please DM us with the name of the organization or business (and-or the email of the organization or business, if you're the one hiring people). We would prefer not to give out our email publicly for safety and privacy reasons but we aren't really sure what else we can do at this point.


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Introduction Post the Third 

Hi! We're Rusanya! You might know us from Twitter or you might not. Please be reassured, most of our stuff here will be more personal, hopefully.

We would prefer if nobody else besides us replied directly to this thread or any other pinned threads, for the sake of at least mild organization, but we probably can't stop you either.

We're an endogenic collective of side-systems and subsystems that share the same body. We don't feel like we need to get into that more, so we won't.

In terms of identities and labels we use, these are the ones we've found to be the most useful, generally for ourselves but sometimes to help others understand us more:

• Plural
• Protogenic, endogenic
• Fictive-heavy or X-ive heavy
• Autistic
• Polyplex (somewhat)
• Traumatized
• Neurodivergent

Things we've been hesitant to use, but may apply to us in some form or another anyways:

• Queer
• Neuroqueer
• Polymultiple or Polyfaceted (listed here because we aren't sure if these are restricted terms or not)

Note: please do not call us alters, parts, or introjects (for those of us with another "source" so to speak) unless otherwise specified for the person in question. We are very uncomfortable with labels associated with medicalization as we have never needed therapy or a diagnosis for our existences + singlet assumptions in the larger world + prior online experiences with system exclusionists.

Our singletsona presents as an Autistic nonbinary woman who uses she/her or she/they, uses the Mx. honorific, is Asexual, and is either Demiromantic or Biromantic. While some of us match this description to some degree or match some aspects, there's also a lot of us that don't match any of these, and that's okay!

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Rusanya Collective Headmates 

This is going to be the new toot thread where we list all of our headmates as information comes along.

We know we're not obligated to give out a medical history, but our medical history has nothing to do with our specific plurality lol.

The introductions start in the next toot.

BEAST!Bungou Stray Dogs 

And yes this is an actual literal BSD universe.

It's literally a creator-sanctioned AU and we're pretty sure this AU was made by the creator as well as the actual BSD universe??


Yep, yep, it's an actual AU created by Asagiri himself. So. Like. For what it's worth, wdrk how to source this and forgit where we got the image from, we just know it's an Actual Thing and that technically BEAST!Bungou is not a fanwork. :v

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BEAST!Bungou Stray Dogs 

Boost if you relate to BEAST!Ryunosuke on this one.

To be clear: we WANT to watch a Nintendo Direct sometime, but we WON'T become usually by the time we hear about it they're like halfway through or something.

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Ooh, we don't really watch Nintendo Direct stuff but based on our timeline there are some really cool things happening!!

On genderfluid being a potential mainstreamed xenogender 

Very-badly-worded-argument for this: We're (not) sorry, but fluids include both liquids and gasses, and also, since xenogenders are often focused on feeling and Genderfluid doesn't specify in particular what genders, and focuses on the FEELING of sliding between genders, it can be a xenogender, as an opt-in rather than an opt-out.

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Gender Quasi-shitpost 

If you squint hard enough, technically you could see Genderfluid as a xenogender as well.

Oh yeah did you know we got to learn how to use car jumper cables today?

Because our car battery died this morning. It wasn't fun. Anyways, we're glad it drives again, and hope it doesn't do anything Bad for the next couple of months.

Rusanya Collective Headmates (Helix Sakkan) 

Hello there♤

I'm Helix Sakkan, and I use xe/xem/xir for myself.

I like the color yellow, I'm very glad to be here with my family (Asteria Sakkan my mother, and Wisteria Sakkan, my sister).

We come from some world that is similar to the game Helix Waltz, although we can't say we're introjects of the game...we're soulbonds of sorts, with our own lives back at home that we miss and lost.

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One of our headmates was singing an Iggy Azalea song, but it legitimately doesn't fit their Aesthetic(TM) so we're just kind of amused.

Fairy Tail, Weird Pluralposting 

I'd we had Erza's requip ability we could have every headmates' wardrobe and more lol.


Maybe it's just the culture on Mastodon being different but why do some accounts ask to @ them if you're subtooting them?

We thought a subtoot/subtweet/equivalent was meant to avoid sharing crappy takes with people directly, to avoid dogpiling people onto an account, and to just avoid toxicity in general, but we see maybe a quarter of accounts (off of the top of our head) who ask to be mentioned in a subtoot. This isn't a judgment call, it just strikes us as odd and we're curious now.

Work, Political 

Listen, maybe part of the problem is that society is trying to push people towards *prestigious* jobs without realizing what that actually entails.

Having some jobs be more prestigious than others creates a hierarchy.

And also, a prestigious job doesn't inherently mean one that's going to pay well, or that being well-off in the traditional sense is even what someone needs.

If we'd known we'd be getting paid $12.10 an hour at a Walmart we probably would've tried to get a job there and then hightailed straight out of our old town as soon as we could transfer to a different store in a different state/city.

We probably would still go to university but probably AFTER we establish ourselves and probably most of it would be online, because who has the time to visit a campus while working a job?

Do you get what we're saying here, sort of? I'm not great at explaining like some people in our system.

- Ghost

Cool Resources 

Podcasts We Really Like

(Note — most of these are definitely fiction or based on fictional media lol, the only one that isn't is probably Cattitude. We also are using Pocket Casts app links.)

Roll Like A Girl:
Warrior Cats What Is That:
Pokemon Rollout:
Welcome To Nightvale:
Pokemon Mind & Body:
Overly Sarcastic Podcast:
After the Revolution:

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Okay but today we've done absolutely nothing but dink around and that's great, actually.

Sometimes we need that.

Dazai earlier today (because he fronted most of the day), just laid his arms over one of our pillows, rested his head on his arms (imagine a cat-like pose here but not quite), and tried to size off for fifteen minutes and only got about five in.

Oh yeah....I found this yesterday night and wanted to share it with someone.

I don't know what it is, but it's cute.

I might share this on Tumblr too, who knows?

- Labrador

Our internet is being shit for no reason, if you're the Poll Person who was curious te: our plurality, please know that we aren't trying to stop answering, it's that we're at work and our internet stopped five minutes before we had to go back.

- Ryunosuke

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