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tw for mentions of f//d, st//ving, strong language, caps 

Realizing our grandmother gets over 50 thousand dollars (321 USD) every 2 weeks or so and the house is completely void of food annoys me, she's shopping for 5 people 3 of which don't eat at home or at all including us. we barely eat and since we are still plus size whenever our mom (she gives our grandmother the money) asks her wheres the money she blames it on us eating too much and says that's why we are fat. WE DO NOT EAT, WE EAT ONCE A DAY because it makes us feel sick. And our mom knows that. we have to eat tuna and crackers for dinner sometimes and it's not like we are a completely poor family. she gets money to make sure we aren't in situations like this and she's spending it on herself going out with "boyfriends" SHES FUCKING 60 WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH A BOYFRIEND TRAVELING ACROSS THE COUNTRY TO VISIT HIM FFS
We set up a redbubble to make our own money to hopefully fund our own things and while it may take a while. We have to be patient

sorry for bad spelling and stuff we are just annoyed right now

Close system friend made a picrew of bun/the body.❤️

tw for bunnies?

Name: mika
Age: 198
an introject/clone of Mika? they're basically the same. look the same, act the same
(if you want to speak to her use two I's in her name. eg miika)

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“Nobody wants to cut off their family” no. I do. I love cutting off family. I love cutting off people who feel entitled to my life despite putting 0 effort into actually knowing me as a person. I love it almost as much as I love patricide

Name: bunny/Archer
Age: 18
she's the main host and identifies with the body outside of headspace in headspace she's..... not human? but a literal bunny

(won't post pictures of the body)

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Name: A
Age: Adult

Main protector and mother figure
(this is the best picrew we have of her)

Name: Kasper
Age: adult

most likely to be near front
Also has something over his eyes that when removed just leaves a dark spot (basically you can't see his eyes hence the blindfold)

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name: Mika

she is most likely to tell you as it is regardless of how you feel.

(nothing bad in the picture)

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Looking at this now, i should have told them to make a thread -bunny

name: Mika

she is most likely to tell you as it is regardless of how you feel. pro tip- don't ask her for her opinion if you know the truth will hurt

(nothing bad in the picture)

I really have no idea what I'm meant to do here lol but I'm hae ji nice to meet you

Debating with ourselves if we should put a banner and/or pfp, but no one is reaching a consensus, so for now it'll just be the default one
L is saying that we should just use something that I drew, while O is saying to just use something random from the gallery

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