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Plural stuff 

Our system is made up of dog people, a dog princess, an owl, a squirrel, Mixie*, a fey, robots and a robot princess.

*Mixie looks human but classifies himself as a ‘me’

Hi, it’s Plugs.

I’m trying to find everyone I used to follow and be mutuals with on from here while it’s down.

I know who they *are* but I’m pulling a blank on most usernames due to memory issues so I can’t just search for their accounts.

There’s also the fact that if anyone’s changed their icon I’m pretty clueless as to who they are now 😅

So if we’re mutuals and you see this post follow over here if you wanna.

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PSA on left movements, esp. if we gain ground 

I also wanna say right now, in the context of communist states that have gone horribly -wrong-?

Don't ignore people throwing salt if you're not showing for the uprising, but be VERY cautious around anyone who tries to say someone's importance in society is their contribution - or worse, tries to make a caste system out of that.

If you believe it, support the movement with all the fire in your heart, but do NOT support anyone trying to deify themself as a movement hero.

You can often tell the real forces of good because they hate the limelight and will call their own movement of mountains just being a good Samaritan.

We need leaders because we need organizers. What we absolutely do -not- need is rulers under a new hat. If you see someone turning the movement into a cult of personality, assume you can't trust them not to quash dissent in their own right given the power to do so.

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going to turn into a call center around my singlet friends so they're forced to "speak with a representative" of the host every time they talk to us. no, youre not going to get to talk to the host. redirecting your call to the next available representative.

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If you donated or boosted the gofundme of Ramsey Orta, please also spread this one, from his wife Jessica, who he abused. she is trying to divorce him and get therapy for herself and her children.

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asking for donations, medical emergency, for a friend 

Hey if u can help my friend w dental surg rn they rly need it, its an emergency (u can tell bc doctors wanna do it in spite of covid) but they just cant afford it

Its only 2000$

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hey, southern fried queer pride just sent out an email and put up a gofundme for creating a Black queer owned community space
this'll be in Atlanta, as SFQP is mostly based in Atlanta with some stuff also in Durham NC.

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