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re: disability, trans, institutions, indoctrination techniques 

Was reminded of this interview recently, it's been on my mind a bit ever since, how deeply it's permeated my sense of self and how hard I've had to work to shed it.

Also how easy it is to slip back into that mindset, and how many aspects of society encourage and reinforce it.

(CWs: child sexual trauma, PTSD, ablism)

Excerpt below:

"The implicit message that permeated all my therapy experiences was that if I wanted to live as a valued person, wanted a quality life, to have a good job, everything could be mine. All I had to do was overcome my disability. No one comes up and says, ‘Look, in order to live a good life you have to be normal,’ but it’s a powerful, implicit message."


"Well I wanted all those things, to have a good life – so I ended up declaring war on my own body. It was me against my disability; and my disability was my enemy. I was bound and determined that I was going to conquer that disability."

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I have made a caramel and chocolate chip cake. I am quite proud of this :3

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it's Knytte's birthday! today she's 12 years old! :toot:

for anyone who can & wants to give her a birthday gift you can contribute to her vet fund by buying some music at

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Women's bodies and field geoscince: Thoughts of a zaftig geologist 

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Fundraiser for Black Land Collective, a farm and healing center, led by queer and disabled organizers.

"Our hope is to have a collective of black people to get land, create a farm, an herbalism center, with education programs, arts, meditation, and black spiritual practices. We want a space where we can live long term, to build a community where food is readily accessible and free from chemicals, a place where our education is centered in truth, hope and joy, and a space where when conflict does happen, we as a community are ready to hold each other instead of disposing one another."

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The illustrator of the Rider-Waite tarot deck was a mixed race black woman of Jamaican descent. Her name was Pamela Coleman Smith.
Some people (myself included) have taken to call it the Rider-Waite-Smith deck so as not to erase Smith's significant work on this piece of occult history.

Would be nice to see that piece of info be more widespread.

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Y’all: Rioting and looting doesn’t do anything.

Historians: The only thing in history that has worked for the general public inciting change has been a riot,a protest, or a looting- like the Civil Rights Movement, Suffragettes, and Stonewall.

Y’all: Well, violence isn’t the answer

Historians: MLK was peaceful and you still shot him dead, and America is one of the most historically violent countries in the world, how ironic.

JUST SAY YOU DON’T SUPPORT BLACK LIVES MATTER AND LEAVE instead of finding an excuse as to why you shouldn’t care that again and again and again Black people are completely brutalised by police and police are never criminalized for it.

Copied and pasted from a friend. Feel free to do the same and call out racists where they stand.

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I dunno who needs to hear this right now but bouncing a laser off a vinyl kitchen floor makes cool patterns

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Do you feel the need to Do More? 

Do you feel bad for not doing more to fight the pandemic, end racism, smash fascism, and dethrone go- I mean capitalism?

Is there a specter of guilt looming over you, muttering "But You Could Be Working Harder..." just behind your ear?

Fantastic news, comrade. That's the boss in your head.

Fire them. Into the sea. :trebuchet:

If you are doing as much as you can in your personal circumstances, then you are doing as much as you can. 💙

:anarchy: :gay_communism:

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we met some swans and their cygnets when biking today. one of the adults was chasing off mallards and people in canoes and kayaks. elf and i felt lucky that they tolerated our presence so close to them. #birbposting

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Talking about food the way techbros talk about tech 

You: I love Campbell's chicken soup

Me, parachuting into your mentions: make your own soup, it's not hard

You: I don't want to

Me: you just need chicken wings, carrots, celery, onions, garlic— put it all in your slow cooker

You: I don't have one

Me: you need one! A good one is only about $100

You: I just want Campbell's

Me: uh, ok, but you really don't know what goes into it, it's not safe. Don't complain when you get sick

...when your display name had the word ‘boob’ in it for an embarrassingly long time and you didn’t notice.


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re: Plural stuff / humour / mild politics monarchy 

We have two princesses which is weird when we’re irl anti monarchists.

But I think Blue and Pink like the sparkly dress aesthetic and magical girl stuff more than anything.

Also it might be Blue typing this.

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