Hello? is this working?
🦊​ Pretty sure a text message works, hun x3
🔫​ I'm not used to this kind of chat X_X Well, I'm Phantomshotgun, and this is my Tulpa, May Abbagail
🦊​ Hello! :D How is everyone? I'm a nerdy fox girl with a few extras. mostly 4 arms and I can grow extra limbs if needed.
🔫​ and I'm her friend/host/creator. I'm a nerd myself just trying to get through life and college. We came here to meet other systems, tulpas, or what-have-you like us, and maybe learn about our situation as well.

@Phantomshotgun Hello May!!! Ohmigosh we're excited you have four arms, several of us have 4 or more arms!!! And it's nice to meet you phantomshotgun!


@kaminohana 🦊​ Hey! Nice to meet other multi-limbed Tulpas! Well, I got more than just 4 arms. I also got three legs as well, but I can grow more if I wanted too. Or even an extra head for fun.

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