Hello? is this working?
πŸ¦Šβ€‹ Pretty sure a text message works, hun x3
πŸ”«β€‹ I'm not used to this kind of chat X_X Well, I'm Phantomshotgun, and this is my Tulpa, May Abbagail
πŸ¦Šβ€‹ Hello! :D How is everyone? I'm a nerdy fox girl with a few extras. mostly 4 arms and I can grow extra limbs if needed.
πŸ”«β€‹ and I'm her friend/host/creator. I'm a nerd myself just trying to get through life and college. We came here to meet other systems, tulpas, or what-have-you like us, and maybe learn about our situation as well.

@kara_dreamer πŸ¦Šβ€‹ Hey there! :D So you're a crew? If you don't me asking, but how many are there with you?

πŸ•·οΈ six of us, with some "sidebands" perhaps, but we seem to pretty stably regard ourselves as six-fold. I'm the usual "front" and tend to speak for the group. the others tend to come out for specific situations.
three of my members have their own fediverse accounts
πŸ‰ I'm Kel :} and I have a plush form with an account at @kel! I'm a _lil_ different from plushie Kel, it's hard to explain :} :} :}
🐴 I'm Alyx and I talk about my own stuff at @Alyx
πŸ”΄ and I'm Chara Dreemurr. I gotta have my own space too. it's at @chara

@kara_dreamer @kel @Alyx @chara
πŸ”«β€‹Wow o.o six of ya? I know some with three but 6 is new to me. Well, I front for myself and May. May isn't willing to front ever since she accidentally took over my body.
🦊It.... really unnerved me. So I'm fine sharing with Phantom or staying by his side. :)

@Phantomshotgun *nodnods* there's some overlap between ourselves and there's some question, for instance, of the degree to which some personalities are partly hybrids of others.
:unicorn: we tend to regard our personae somewhat in analogy to atomic orbitals, which may combine with other atomic orbitals to yield new orbitals

@kara_dreamer πŸ¦Šβ€‹I think something like that happened to me once when me and one of phantoms characters -whos not a tulpa as far as we know- merged with me on accident during our meditation. we separated over time but it was an interesting experience.
πŸ”«β€‹It was, but I still like you both separated :)
πŸ¦Šβ€‹Yea, but we were pretty good looking as a shark/fox combo ;P
πŸ”«β€‹heh x3 true. But anyway, as far as we know, both me and May are separate from each other. Though May is trying to find more about herself ever since we discovered she was a Turlpa and not just some figment of my imagination.
πŸ¦Šβ€‹ Well, I think technically I AM a part of your imagination, but I got a will of my own. I dunno, we're still trying to understand Tulpas still. X3

@Phantomshotgun I've never been quite sure what a "tulpa" is, except that they're intentional creations in some sense. I'm not sure any of our personae quite qualify as that. Alyx, perhaps, is the most like

@kara_dreamer πŸ”«β€‹Yea, it's in short a thought given a form. To make a long story short, I created May just out of loneliness and -over the years- she becomes independent of herself. So basically I created her by accident before I even knew what a Tulpa even was.

@Phantomshotgun Hello May!!! Ohmigosh we're excited you have four arms, several of us have 4 or more arms!!! And it's nice to meet you phantomshotgun!

@kaminohana πŸ¦Šβ€‹ Hey! Nice to meet other multi-limbed Tulpas! Well, I got more than just 4 arms. I also got three legs as well, but I can grow more if I wanted too. Or even an extra head for fun.

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