🦊​ hey everyone! So I was wondering if any other Tulpas are interested in meeting me and phantom. We're in general pretty friendly but keep to ourselves mostly. We game as well so if you got say.... Discord or telegram, let us know!

🦊​ thanks, everyone for the help from last month. Sorry, we don't chat here as much as we should, but i thank everyone who was able to give me some advice ealier.

At the moment, I'm fronting for the first time for Phantom. as real-life stress was getting to him. So I figured I step in to help by fronting and controlling his body. But without him, what with his mind sleeping, I realize how alone I feel without another human to interact with. And worst still, all of the friends who know of me are busy at the moment to help give me company. I have a friend in here as well, but she isn't a tulpa, at least not yet anyway, but it, not the same as talking with someone different. Does anyone here, tulpa or system have this same problem? Also, if there are other tulpas interested, would you like to chat with a 4 armed fox on telegram or discord?

🦊​ Hey all, So in case people forgot, I'm a tulpa for Phantom. I had some questions that might seem simple to dumb to ask, but I wanted to better understand myself as a Tulpa.
One question I have is how come I have different emotions sometimes to different situations? Like how I can be stressed when Phantom isn't, or Phantom gets anxiety, but I don't?

Hello? is this working?
🦊​ Pretty sure a text message works, hun x3
🔫​ I'm not used to this kind of chat X_X Well, I'm Phantomshotgun, and this is my Tulpa, May Abbagail
🦊​ Hello! :D How is everyone? I'm a nerdy fox girl with a few extras. mostly 4 arms and I can grow extra limbs if needed.
🔫​ and I'm her friend/host/creator. I'm a nerd myself just trying to get through life and college. We came here to meet other systems, tulpas, or what-have-you like us, and maybe learn about our situation as well.

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