So... are there any aphantasic systems out there that have a headspace/innerworld/etc.?

I'm asking because a headmate of mine tried to build one but failed and I think it might be because we're almost aphantastic and he tried to visualize the innerworld.
So now I'm curious if aphatasic system can even have an innerworld and if so, if it is experienced differently from how non-aphatasic folks experience there innerworlds.


@nightsky_system hey, we’re aphantasic, in our experience other senses take over in a headspace like that, never had any smell or taste, but sound and touch tend to translate for us, like imagine you’re blindfolded, right? But then it escalates to another level! Because you’re blindfolded, but with the intrinsic knowledge of what you’re surroundings are supposed to look like, so you navigate them with purely the understanding of, this console is here, or this room is there, and I know that. - P

@PHBS thanks!
So do you feel "blind" in that context?
For us, both dreams and thoughts definitely do have a visual component and we react to it, it's just that we couldn't say what it even is. So it's like in dreams and thoughts we react to a visual stimulus that we don't truly see. It's like we still have the sense to see, but it's only wired to our reflexes and intuitive understanding of the world around us, but consciously we only see a blur or smudge of colors.
It sounds like it might be different for you? I'd love learning more about this, if you're willing to share. :3



@nightsky_system yeah! Um, we have dreams but it’s more like listening to an audiobook, but if instead of having actions described to you, you just kind of know they’re happening, snd we have the same knowledge with our surroundings, there’s no actual explanation but we know there’s a wall in headspace without feeling it or having express knowledge that it is where it is.

I wouldn’t call it seeing, for us, because we don’t actually see any images when we explore headspace.

@PHBS @nightsky_system I want to say that it’s like picking up an object with your eyes closed, like an apple, you kind of have an instant list of attributes there, and because you don’t see it there’s certain gaps to fill, like is it red or green? -P.

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