Trying to interact with NTs when you need help is hard. They just assume I think like them and get annoyed when I can’t.

education, exam scores 

I forgot to mention. We finally got our exam results, came out with a distinction, which is very good and apparently the highest in our class!!!

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Chronic pain + being a system = a rough fucking time - Lilith

What is sleep
Thank you for coming to my haiku. - Lilith

Maybe being sensitive isn’t a bad thing.

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decided to start calling people 'queen' like an animal crossing slogan

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Autocorrect has started realising that following a Hyphen Lilith usually signs off
- Phoebe

Being open about being a system seems impossible for us, but I love just not hiding it until directly asked.

I don’t mind if someone thinks we’re weird and different every day, but it’s none of their business why unless we decided to disclose it.

I’d like to read a book written from a systems perspective!

Am I going to write this book? No way, the logistics terrify me.

- Lilith

musings about the future and school 

All our classes are online now and our attendance dropped from 80 something percent to 30 percent because we can’t focus when at home and it’s getting ridiculous.

I hope I can get us a job in the future.

I don’t like supporting our corporate overlords but fuck I’m glad we have Disney plus, so many old shows that I wouldn’t have been able to watch otherwise - Lilith

Ever spend an entire day doing nothing? Just spending all that time staring off into space... - Phoebe

Is it okay to ask about discord servers here? I have nothing to do and a rocky relationship with my family so it’s been a weird isolation lmao

Morning plural cafe! It has been a while... I’ve been avoiding social media since the virus hit. - Lilith

@PHBS apparently she was too asleep to make sense -Phoebe

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Too asleep to be awake but not asleep enough to be awake - Lilith

Lily is a better social person than I am! -Phoebes

We talked about the exam last time we were on. A lot has changed, exam is complete, we have a new phone, and we feel happy. - Phoebe

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