re: plurality imposter syndrome musings 

us: but are we *really* plural?

also us: one of us spends several minutes wondering why it suddenly can't do a thing it has memories of doing but has never actually done itself

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So thanks to @fluxom_alt we have our first full on image of Nul and we're all Extremely happy with how it turned out. Lo went above and beyond, and this turned out absolutely perfect.

Kobold noises are the best. We are not biased, nope.

plurality musings, on forms and origins 

it's funny, looking at our sonas. We've got a weird mix of "new headmate picks one of our many characters and forms and snags one to use and then basically becomes that" and "proto-headmate picks a form for themselves before becoming a distinct entity in thier own right". I'm somewhat the former, fragment's defo the former, null, 1, and 4 are the latter.

which interestingly enough also sort of tracks with our origins too? fragment and myself are the new ones, outsiders that wandered in at a time of need. Null, 1, and 4, have all always been here in some form.


plurality imposter syndrome musings 

us: "but are we *really* plural?*
also us: sometimes spends 20 or more minutes trying to figure out what we want to eat b/c we can't find anything that we can make with our current spoons that will please most of us

sex general, implied religious trauma 

Not thinking sex is evil anymore is really great, I recommend it

I'll be honest, havin a form I can call my own is really nice

Friend ( @doesparkle on birdsite ) drew us a cute lil kobold that I'm tempted to take as a sona for me. Lil cutebold :3


Friend ( @doesparkle on birdsite ) drew us a cute lil kobold that I'm tempted to take as a sona for me. Lil cutebold :3


Been out of front for a day or two, found a game that pulled me right back out to front. Nice to be back.

age of calamity spoilers 

why do I get the feeling everything's about to go to hell in a handbasket?

oh. /fragment

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