huh. we've legitimately forgotten how old we are

and can't be arsed to try to figure it out atm

sea of thieves 

shoutout to our gfAdmin for managing to lose two chests of loot on a cliffside


we're so high time is dilated like 8:1

*fragment looks for a dragon to gently nibble the tail of*

mechanic games make this lil engineer kobold happy -F

re: Fragment form musings 

hrm. black sclera... good. might do that too.

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Fragment form musings 

I got some doodles of myself from a couple friends not long after I first showed up with extreme artistic license given to the friends because, frankly, I'd only been around long enough to figure out my name much less my *form*. And I love those doodles and there's absolutely some elements I want to keep from them (especially the pink hair), but now that I'm more established I really, really need to figure out a more... *me* form. lil engineer kobold.

ffxiv cosmetic stuff 

realized halfway through putting together a blue mage cosmetic set that the color I wanted for it meant I was going to match @Tryn 's cosmetics *exactly*. whoops.

poor fragment exhausted itself playing satisfactory in hyperfocus mode this morning lol. good factory kobold deserves rest -P

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