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Indroduction thread, selfie 

I figured I should introduce ourselves, so here we go.
I'm the host of the Opal system, Adrienne, I still don't know whether I'm the first host thanks to some events that happened, but my form is of a shapeshifting vampire (usually shifting between my body's form and my fursona, but sometimes I may involuntarily shapeshift into other things and end up with ghost limbs if it happens while I front). I won't bite, I can promise that.
I'm a subsystem of two median parts.

I'm starting to realize how normal it is for heteronormative people to downplay their platonic relationships to the almost authoritarian benefit of their one romantic one. As if their platonic relationships don't matter that much just because they can't fuck them.

That shit makes me sad.

🧡 Well, this protogen fell in love with a real cutie. I made some pixel art for them

PSA: if you like to use perfume, that's great, and you do you, but please, for the sake of everyone else, don't bathe in it when you plan on spending time in enclosed spaces with other people, for example:
- a bus, train, subway;
- a plane;
- a cafe.

You will get used to it and not smell your own perfume as strongly, but others might literally not be able to *breathe*.

To say that's inconsiderate is a pretty huge understatement.


cool america fact
harvard owns the rights to pictures of some slaves and they actually won a lawsuit from the slave's descendant family to keep the rights

"Dating myself with this one," I admit and reveal two headmates holding hands.

Bandcamp delete the "world" tag you cowards.

🧡 Took us a week, but we've learned to live with one less headmate. It can get lonely but we know where both of the parts that make me are, and that they're unreachable, but they seem to be in a good place. I'm here, my name is Topaz, and apparently I'm the new host and I'll do my best to keep us here.

dear cis people 

if your first response to a trans person venting about JKR is "well, you have to admit she wrote good books..."

*shut up.*

re: Dissociation 

🧡 Like, I hit myself in the face with my knee when my leg twitched (it does that when I'm tired) and I felt nothing

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🧡 Somehow dissociating so hard my sense of touch is actually numb enough to not feel pain.

Kink mention, sfw 

🧡 so I was having an existential crisis at work until I found a sticker for the university football (?) team Vert & Or, and there was only one thing I could do

Mental health (neg), PTSD, psychotherapy, egocide 

Adrienne had not been feeling well for nearly two months, after a rough breakup and continuously getting flashbacks at work making her vanish, she became less and less functional and started becoming egocidal, wishing she didn't exist. She, however, did not want to self harm or harm the body.
Dominique was growing increasingly worried about her and our system's wellbeing and began seriously considering fusing with her.
After a psychologist appointment, during which her psychologist planned out PTSD psychotherapy where she would be exposed to her triggers, she started to dread it and refused to front.
A day later, Dominique decided to take a nap to meditate on fusion for a later date, while listening to Adrienne's favorite album in hopes of discussing with her. Instead, Adrienne refused to answer to Dominique's calls, and when xey let xeir guard down, the entire body jolted up and we passed out. Topaz woke up, newly formed and confused, half an hour later at the end of the album. Abigail could not sense Adrienne's or Dominique's presence anywhere, and Topaz realized xey were a fusion of the both of them.

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