Howdy! I'm Gen.

Don't know what I'm doing, but I sure will learn. Or something?

Soulbonder and potential Tulpamancer!

I also like... Draw and sing and stuff.

Questioning gender, Pansexual Heteroromantic. Pronouns are an absolute myth when it comes to referring to me, use what ya want.

I have one headmate, and I'm pretty new to this whole thing in general so do excuse my dumbness. Hope to meet people and learn stuff!

@NylonGenesis hey! welcome to plural cafe! we're lonely make friends with us :p

oh, it's nice to see that soulbonders and tulpamancers are still around. we were afraid that those communities had gone the way of the tumblr plural community

one of our system members created a tulpa, their name is Nox and they are like one of the two sensible peeps in here :p

@the_ainur_system :0! Hello! It's nice to see some other people who are soulbonders/tulpamancers. I'm not on often but I'd love to be your friend!

@NylonGenesis Ahaha we're not around often either, it's just nice to have someone to talk to

I'm Senn, I'm currently frontstuck because we're stuck with our abusers and god knows we're not going to let Blue (our usual abuser-wrangler) deal with any more of this shit.

We're here because we miss having a plural community and being able to casually talk to people about the day-to-day stuff of living. We have our partner system- who are all amazeballs. We also have our group of friends but it's kinda different talking to other plurals vs. talking to singlets.

@the_ainur_system Makes sense. I hope things work out for you! There aren't that many plural communities around nowadays unfortunately. Nice to meet you, Senn!

@NylonGenesis Yeah :( there were good communities on the Collective Identites and the plural resource group forums- and there was so much writing there. Sucks that those communities seem to have died :(
- sn

@the_ainur_system Yeah.. There isn't much in the way of good advice for that either, so learning your way around is a bit of a hassle at first. There are some pretty decent discord communities if you know where to look, though.


We're bodily 22 and Perpetually Tired College Students on the tail end of college and frantically trying to publish (research degree).

Oh we also have a witch! Their name's Mist. (well not actual name but online pseudonym, yes :p). Idk what their witchcraft is about but maybe you guys would like to talk sometime

- Senn

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