show me a queer and i will immediately swoon

there should be a twitter bot that just replies [citation needed] to everything terfs post

re: tw: disordered eating, swearing 

i literally hate myself.

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tw: disordered eating, swearing 

i ate candy and now i feel so guilty. what the fuck.

Goooood morning, plural cafe o/
I hope something nice will happen to y'all today :3


Looking for mental help for friend, boosts appreciated 

My close friend and SO, plural system host, in need of mental help. He has depression (and likely more) that got worse with death of his cat, that he believes is his fault. We would like to find him professional help that won't see plurality as the reason of problems. He lives in Ohio
I will forward contacts to him, you can message me here, or on Telegram eija_kra, or Discord Eija#2271
Thank you!

This is really aimed at plural systems, non-plural folks are encouraged to boost for visibility:

Are any individuals in your system in a relationship with (dating, mating, married, etc.) at least one other member of your system?

fighting toxic masculinity by wearing eyeliner and a dress. fabulous today


Wordle 234 6/6


bad quality selfie 

🛸🫀 we're at school and we took a selfie!! we feel very cute rn so, here it is :D

🌸 >1. be Emma&systers >2. become mutualcrush with apparent deity >3. join a cult >4. learn how to pronounce “Merveille”

🌸 we are going to make fedi so gay that fascists will be like “pleroma? misskey? no way, those are gay software for gays, I am creating an account on metaverse instead”


Wordle 222 X/6



I hate plague rats, why can't people just wear masks?
I found out a guy exists who tested positive for COVID and then went to the gym without even wearing a mask
When I thought I might have been exposed to covid I canceled plans to see my girlfriend and didn't go anywhere, even the store or apartment office, until test results came back negative
Why are people so terrible?
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