thinking abt making another introductions post but with our system's headmate-subsystem specific carrds

  • reiner

poll, i'm curious!! (pronouns) 

what's your preferred pronouns?

in history class we had to do a scavenger hunt and its borring now since i finishedd - reiner

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we's taking a science test........ - racc

i should not be fronting right now!!! i front at night!!!!!!! i help the body sleeps!!! THE BODY WANTS TO SLEEPS RIGHT NOW BECAUSE OF MEEEE - racc

oh man i dislike science class. today we did an eperiment so it's a little better but aahhhhhh...... not very good unfortunately - racc

mention of d-ath (name of a song) 

iabsolutelylovethissong sjjdskjlasdjk it sounds like a glitzy version and i love it!!!

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mention of d-ath (name of a song) 

dead girls by penelope scott???????? YES

stimming? oh you mean my idle animation?

fronting: the thing where you secretly change who you are /j

school, summit learning, pos vent

Lila: aaaaa i got 10/10 on my first try on this!! i'm so happy and it was my FIRSTS TRY ON THIS TEST.

  • Lila

mental health metaphor - 

picking at scabs is not a good way to work out if they have healed yet

discord server im in has an optional "say who's fronting" channel

...imagine a bot that posts to a channel based on when you switch in pk (opt in, obviously)


Erwin - He/Sir - Host
Tavi//Tavros - They/He - Tertiary Host
Armin - He/They - Secondary Host
Levi - He/They/Scout - Protector & frequent fronter
Pacifica//Pat - / She/They/Plur - Protector & Gatekeeper
Klee - They/Bomb/💣 - Little *
Rui - They/It/Web/🕷️ - Little *

*These headmates front rarely, but are co-con often. The littles that are starred are allowed to post so long as someone is fronting with them.

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