Enasi: Anyone else have confusion about who's fronting when getting up? Like one person says "who ever is fronting, we should get up and to go to work." Then someone else says, "I don't think it's me," but then someone else says, "pretty sure it's you, as I know I don't want to get up." And then the first person says "but I don't want to get up either!" (Not that work is all that bad, just the bed is much more comfortable. :P)

Kevin: TFW you get a new systemmember from watching speedruns of a game and now you realize you have to play their game. (It looks awesome so it's not a problem, of course. :P)


Enasi: Gave some readings to friends, and it was a ton of fun - plus they really liked them! One of these days we're thinking about doing it more frequently, at least after we have some more practice and actually memorize all the cards.

Kevin: I think it's awesome that there appear to be so many subsystems here! I've often felt like I'm the only one, given how rarely the phenomena seems to be discussed. It's nice to be in a place where that's not the case!

Hi! We're the Miaii System, and we've been taking a break from social activities, but with all the new activity here this felt like a great time to join! Hoping to meet some new systems / friends here (although do note that we usually don't post too much on these sorts of things). Also, I'm Enasi, one of the primary fronters, and one of the most social (along with Kevin) although the others may stop by from time to time. See you around! - Enasi

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