Thankfully, college isn't very stressful for us, especially compared to high school. Part of it *is* that we are actually working together more ❤️​, and we also have less stressful things because college is more relaxed of an environment.

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Hello! Neither of us have posted on the Fediverse recently. It's down to college having started last week and us not really having opportunities to use the Fediverse. We've checked on occasion, and less often. Since @PKMNLives and I share a body, we *do* have to manage social media in a way that works for both of us. I've also just haven't been feeling up to posting to social media, because I've mainly been doing innerworld stuff and taking notes in college with PKMNLives for the past 3 weeks.

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Hello! This is my first post on this account. @PKMNLives is my headmate and he is also currently the host of our system.

I made this account because I wanted somewhere where I could post things as myself. Our body is AMAB, and due to some transphobic and ableist family members, we cannot be out as plural or transgender offline (yet). It's legitimately depressing that this is even an issue. Thanks America 🙄​.

Honestly, yeah, we are working towards independence. Our body has a motor disability, so we are trying to learn more about our options.

The reason why it took so long for me to create this account (especially that I was created 7/6/2016, over 6 years ago) is because we have transphobic and ableist family members. Both @PKMNLives and I are otherkin (PKMNLives is a glaceon, and I'm a tiger) as well, and we have no idea how our family would react to our alterhuman identity.

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