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boost this and i'll give you a hacker/cyberpunk name based on my 0 knowledge of hacking or cyberpunk


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As someone who has adopted all of you, how about a story? Show more

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{Hello everyone! I wasn't expecting to be the first to officially introduce themselves, but I am Cuddly Riley. Yes, that is my real first name, my parents were hippies.

I was uplifted from a story setting the others were participating in, and am a motherly lynx of, er, well let's say I've passed twoscore in years. It's lovely to find such a supportive atmosphere!

Anyone can feel free to DM me with anything you want advice or an open ear for, and I will happily listen! I love to help.}


Man Landscaping is fun. Got called out to work a de-icing gig at like 11pm and then oops oh no someone did our site already and so my boss is all mad and calling people and I got paid an hour's work to just
load salt onto a truck

It would be better if I didn't also have to work normal maintenance tomorrow. Alas.

Oh boy (Svit's) been poking me about posting art of all of us to here and I just
And I would wanna credit all the artists aand I don't know what all of them go by on here/where else to find them and AAA it's a lot of work

Maybe if I pick one picture and put it in with a description of them...

And now for a more Plural-Specific post, we're The Consensus, a six-member communal effort running the body. The story of our genesis and growth over the years is LONG and atypical from my experience with other plurals I've picked up and talked to over the years, but we are all (mostly) co-operative and friendly, and we use the brackets listed on our homepage to differentiate who's talking at any time.

Hope to meet and be helpful and supportive to others!

I guess even though I made this account like ages ago I should make a post

Hi I'm Kuviare! Living in Vancouver with too many interests to mention and a knack for forgetting to check social media sites! I have many great friends on here and I am eager to meet more!

I'm Pan, Poly, Plural, and probably a couple more 'P' things too. (Be warned, Punster is one of these)


Plural Café

Plural Café is a community for plural systems and plural-friendly singlets alike, that hopes to foster a safe place for finding and interacting with other systems in the Mastodon fediverse.