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i'm honestly lucky to have audrey right now

Know your singular-theys!

- The gender-neutral (epicene) they
- The agender they
- The plural-individual they
- The animist they
- The speculative they look kind of queer so I'm gonna stay on the safe side they
- The oh god I can't remember names how the fuck am I gonna remember pronouns they

Is it really impostor syndrome if some of the people in your system are actually bad at it?

okay so why is it taking 4+ hours to build the mastodon image now when it took 45 minutes to build it when this instance first started?

politics, business, medium-spiciness take 

Businesses have no place in politics

Non-profits in the US aren't allowed to be political unless it's associated with their mission. It should be the same for all business.

Corporations aren't people.

They're not entitled to political opinions.

We're starting up a GoFundMe to help my roommate, who was picked up and detained by #ICE yesterday. Regardless of the legal outcome of his case, we need to make sure this guy has the resources to survive whatever happens.

@noelle @zoe blocked and firewalling them off. didn't expect to end up as a domain on this list, since we don't host a relay

Gender? I would die before suffering such dishonor

Plural folk:
How many distinct members does your system have?
vague guesses are okay.
(so are boosts.)

Little-known Mastodon features:

Profile directory: You can opt-in to being listed on your server's public profile directory, and you can use hashtags in your bio to appear under those hashtags

Featured hashtags: You can choose hashtags to be displayed on your public profile so that people can browse all your posts under those hashtags

Asking for financial help, boosts appreciated 

We've had some unexpected expenses come up at the end of last month. Consequently, we have €25 to eat for the next 4 days and the kids need diapers. If anyone had a good July and can help us with another €25, it would make a big difference. If not, maybe you could boost this? Thanks for everything!

Anything extra we happen to receive would go towards paying to change the gender marker on our ID, which will cost about €20.

domain block rec 

block for being the private server of a transphobe (whos username is piggo)

made it to a hotel in reno

breakfast is til 11am (!!!) so yessss time to sleep in

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