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It's Official! "Half-Life: Alyx" will be revealed by Valve this Thursday at 10PM Pacific time

trying to figure out where to find a pre-existing html template for a single-page website...

on plurality 

actually to be fair, we got these pair for $70 right before defcon 2018. it actually lasted pretty longer than I thought it would, even though it started coming apart ~9 mo in


yeesh. there's like 3 sites being the cause of a thousand entries of retries in sidekiq

@rei on one hand I hate snow because I have to brush it off the car, and possible ice. on the other... it's still really pretty to look at

our 10-day forecast doesn't have any snow in the forecast though :(

asking for financial help 

re: ++++++++++++++++++++++ 


mh, asking for (personal) donations :boost_ok:​ 

mh, asking for (personal) donations :boost_ok:​ 

meta part deux 

@nightsky_system a lot of TL sorting doesn't rely on when the poster submitted the post, but rather when the instance receives it. that might be why?

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