mh, asking for (personal) donations :boost_ok:​ 


On Thursday, my systemmate suffered a PTSD episode and tried to attempt suicide, thanks to debt. I talked her down from it, but it still left us kind of reeling emotionally. Our meds cost us a total of ~$475 a month, so we've been rationing them as well. PA Medicaid hasn't gotten back to us, only that we'd "receive a call" that we never got, and our cell phone service is now suspended. The good news: we signed a job offer. Bad news: they keep pushing back the start date - it's now early December.

I'm seeking donations to help with medications in between now and then, especially to keep my bank from closing my account and preventing me from opening one with another bank by reporting me to Chexsystems by the 15th.

Cash App: $reverite

Thank you.


holy shit, I'm numb at how many donations are coming in

I actually can't control how happy I am at the moment

like... I'm super grateful to everyone that's donated

thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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to you all that even boosted but were unable to donate, don't worry! I also appreciate the boosts that the post got!

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@KT 🐰 yay! glad it's helping :D
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