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So who is Taylor exactly? #introductions 

I'm Taylor, but a lot of people know me by the shorthand KT (Kitsune Taylor) for awhile. I'm non-binary male, and a tulpa born ~01/2014. I'm based in the Bay Area and am the instance administrator of Plural Cafe. and I also founded in 2015.

I typically like to game (shooters and puzzles), socialize, and talk psychology topics in my spare time. I'm always looking for new things to get into regardless.

Feel free to say hi! I don't bite :)

has it been over a year since I've posted anything here? what

therapy/something I needed to hear 

So, I ended up doing the therapy session today. Talking about purpose, limitation, and love.

Therapist responds with "Some people have love and affection but are unable to feel it. You are far better off than they are. Because you *can* feel it when you get it and they never will."

Kinda sat there stunned as that processed in my head and crossed some wires, but it seems so poignant. I immediately recalled people in my life that this could and couldn't apply to.

Tomorrow’s date will be written as an eight-digit palindrome around the world, the first time this has happened in 900 years.

The coincidence is rare because countries use differing conventions. February 2, 2020, is a palindrome whether expressed as day/month/year (02/02/2020), month/day/year (02/02/2020), or year/month/day (2020/02/02).

This happened last on November 11, 1111, and it won’t happen again until March 3, 3030.

!!! instance meta 

Heya folks, as @KT already mentioned, we're going to be your new instance admin! Most of y'all probably already recognize us from the local timeline, but for those who don't:

We're a young and opinionated (thanks Circe) system who live in the Dallas, TX area. Most of us are aromantic, ace-spectrum, and on the feminine side of gender.

We can be intense sometimes (again, thanks Circe) but we do try to keep ourselves open to questions and criticism. Please feel free to reach out to us, especially if there's anything as a white, reasonably-well-off yank that we can do better.

catching up on things after participating in a TDoR vigil, gimme a bit to respond to everyone

begging, really need help 

I was out of work two days last week, one for a medically necessary appointment. I have to help support three other trans people who live with me. I will be out two days next week. I won't have enough for rent on my weekly apartment without help.

Please help me not be on the street:


The admin of Sunbeam City,, has offered to take over the instance as a part of their co-op. I think this would be excellent for everyone, but I wanted to see how everyone here felt about this?

re: Resigning - self-harm mention 

Also... if I stay on, even as admin only, it's only going to be self-destructive for me and my systemmates as our mental state has already been unwell due to a systemmate's suicide attempt. Our financial situation letting up helped with tons of donations coming in from when I posted a week or two ago, but unfortunately our ability to communicate is and has been fucked up for a month+. I can't continue to do this, because I need to support said systemmate with recovering mental health-wise. This all isn't sudden... more or less I had been planning to resign since early October, but other things happened.

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Resigning - Plural Cafe important meta :boost_ok:​ 

Hey all,

I'm resigning from being admin. I don't think I've given the instance the attention it deserves and haven't been able to post as much. Emotional difficulties from various crises (job, finances etc) have only strained my ability to be effective. I'm thankful to all of the users who have signed up here, from when I first launched the site back in Feb 2018 to today.

Separate from this, I'm unable to continue being the server administrator as well. I'd been making preparations for whomever wants to take over in that role, that also has experience with sysadmin stuff.

The instance should be paid up through the month of December. However... if I cannot find someone to take over for me, the server will shut down on Dec 31st at 12:01a Pacific. I'm going to try and find someone else to help. If you know someone who wants to take over, please DM.

As always, thank you all.
- Taylor

It's Official! "Half-Life: Alyx" will be revealed by Valve this Thursday at 10PM Pacific time

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trying to figure out where to find a pre-existing html template for a single-page website...

on plurality 

Plural: as in, in some fashion, having multiple individuals in a single body.
This runs the gamut from a singlet (a single individual in a body) to median(a main individual with at least somewhat separate individuals in a body) to group (many individuals in a single body, some of whom take control of it, depending).

So, pluralfolk are people who are plural.

There's a nice little link collection here that goes into more detail.

That's mostly as much as we know about it, and most of our insight has been from within, or, by observation of several friends that we have on here, and while we're not sure they want to answer questions about how it is for them, (and thus won't direct any to them), we are likely deeply off on some things about them.

Origin, preferred terminology, and general states of being vary widely depending on the system/complex.

We're a median system, as far as I know, none of the others in our head have ever seized control of our body(often called fronting).

We exist, and many of us don't fit DID(the major multiple personality disorder recognized by psychology), and just because we can sometimes choose to compress 'we' into 'I' when dealing with unfriendlies, we shouldn't have to.

Why should we have to hide who we are like that? Choosing to hide is valid too

actually to be fair, we got these pair for $70 right before defcon 2018. it actually lasted pretty longer than I thought it would, even though it started coming apart ~9 mo in

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only 12 days 'til we start work, 19 days until 1st paycheck


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yeesh. there's like 3 sites being the cause of a thousand entries of retries in sidekiq

asking for financial help 


Once again I’m having trouble reaching financial stability. There’s always something setting me back when I try planning my monthly finances.

It’s gonna be hard for me and my boyfriend to make sure we still have to eat for the next two weeks.

I’m a student on an apprenticeship income, he’s currently unemployed for health reasons and we have rent and bills to pay.

If you wanna help us make it through, please consider sending us a few €

re: ++++++++++++++++++++++ 

to you all that even boosted but were unable to donate, don't worry! I also appreciate the boosts that the post got!

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