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So who is Taylor exactly? #introductions instance meta 

updated: during the demo they threw rocks at the glass to prove it was unbreakable. it broke anyway. I'm not making this up

tesla unveiled their new truck, the "Cybertruck". it's a fucking trapezoid on wheels. I'm losing my shit

catching up on things after participating in a TDoR vigil, gimme a bit to respond to everyone

begging, really need help 

@KT to clarify for you folks, I'm one admin out of a few on SBC, and we, the Sunbeam City Co-operative, may be able to lend a hand in the time after your current admin leaves to help you set up as a co-operative in your own right. This mostly just requires people to be on board with the idea. Come chat to me or others on SBC if you're interested.


Sunbeam City! Any thoughts on taking over an instance that's going to be shut down very soon? We have money saved up but probably not enough to be sustainable in the very very long term with our current monthly income.

We can run it as part of the co-op with the aims to set it up as a separate co-operative once we find our feet.

This is all, of course, subject to the current admin's and current users' permission.

Thoughts? Is anyone willing to contribute time to this?


re: Resigning - self-harm mention 

Resigning - Plural Cafe important meta :boost_ok:​ 

It's Official! "Half-Life: Alyx" will be revealed by Valve this Thursday at 10PM Pacific time

trying to figure out where to find a pre-existing html template for a single-page website...

on plurality 

actually to be fair, we got these pair for $70 right before defcon 2018. it actually lasted pretty longer than I thought it would, even though it started coming apart ~9 mo in


yeesh. there's like 3 sites being the cause of a thousand entries of retries in sidekiq

asking for financial help 

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