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So who is Taylor exactly? #introductions Show more

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Mutant Standard emojis are now added to the instance, as well as the plural symbol

:fox: :call_me_paw_x30::plurality:

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new things done here (sorry I've been inactive! busy at our job):

- the code that pluralcafe runs in production is now at
- there should be almost-zero downtime except in the case of mastodon upgrades as a result, and spent late last night adding/modifying maintenance scripts
- we now have a liberapay in case you all want to help with hosting costs: this is no way required nor expected! 100% of this goes to the server.

thanks :)

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if anyone wants to play me in smash sometime (like I've been playing nonstop the past 2 days):

friend code SW-5687-0520-4124

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"i'm also super gay"

sonicfox is the only reason games are good

still busy as ever..............but i remembered my pinterest exists and that in turn made me remember plural cafe exists x_x how is everyone??? is everybody doing ok???? lots of scary stuff been happening lately so i hope everyones safe

5 hours of Pokemon Go yesterday before my feet gave out. New record?

Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

Hey y'all guess what?

You're non-binary and AMAB? Valid
Non-binary and AFAB? Valid
Non-binary, AMAB, and presenting masculine? Valid
Non-binary, AMAB, and presenting feminine? Valid
Non-binary, AFAB, presenting masculine? Valid
Non-binary, AFAB, presenting feminine? Valid

If you wish to challenge this notion, please sit in an enclosed space by yourself and fart.

it takes me a bit to realize that driving around the bay area is much much more infuriating than anywhere else I've been in because nobody knows to keep to the right

Probably the animation loop I'm most proud of to this date. Mae's design makes her so easy to animate ♥️

#fanart #videogames #NITW #nightinthewoods #Mae #Gregg #animation #aftereffect #photoshop

sorry about that tiny bit of downtime, apparently some of the database upgrades (migrations) bugged somehow

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