Mute me during your religious holidays 

I'm triggered by religious holidays but no one gives a shit about that. Do whatever you want to celebrate. If you want to be closer to your god, starve yourself until you're shaking hands with it if you want. Just don't expect me to give a shit. I'm not going to "be considerate" of it. My religion says I have the right to be free of yours and that it's my responsibility to defend it. We aren't supposed to be friends. I don't care how you feel about.

TL;DR I'm eating in public during Ramadan

hey gamers ... just here to say ... dont exclude amab masculine non binary people... thank u for listening

White people who don't want to admit they're furries have "spirit animals."

My Therapist: Maddie isnt real she cant hurt you
Me: what? yes i am. what are you even talking about?

Oh yeah, so a construction crew found a WWI/WWII bomb near our neighborhood yesterday so we had to walk 2 miles to get home

Only in Germany can I get a dirty look from a 60+ year old with an eyebrow piercing

god if i ever become an inspirational/motivational online poster instead of posting about shitting myself in taco bells and having depression please bring me out behind the shed and put me down like a feral animal

Born down in El Paso where the tumbleweeds blow
To the middleweight champ of all of Mexico
Dad fought many bloody battles and raised four sons
Chavo was the oldest one
Old man Gory could pop like a live grenade
Raised his boys in the way of the trade
Hector and Mando, young Eddie G
Chavo meant the most to me

Alright, this is shit we can handle. No vacation this year, prob, but what else is new?

O hai. Going to meet the tax man and get our papers. Papers are very important in Germany. They like to pretend things have changed in the last 100 years or so but not really

i thought tdov meant transgender day of vengeance lol

In case you don't like the sun, the Gestapo, and by that I mean pigs, and by pigs I mean the Düsseldorf police are "randomly checking" people in the main train station wearing black hoodies and sunglasses

Your body is inviolable and you have the absolute right to defend it at all costs

This asshole doesn't understand that no matter how much he smells like cheap pipe tobacco, he is going to take up one (1), and only one, seat like a goddamn adult. Or we will cuddle. I can make this very uncomfortable.

If I thought "queer" was a slur, I would simply block all members of The Nebula

Why are all of our problems in fucking German?

UV: we live in Germany now

Oh yeah. Shit.

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