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If you haven't yet given or are willing to give a bit more, please donate to the Black in BC Community Support Fund for COVID-19 ( The microgrant fund is allotting $150 each on a first-come, first-served basis, and has already distributed $15,000 to individuals in need.

Priority is given to people NOT eligible for EI or the CERB. Elders, youth, self-identified women, refugees, international students, and queer people are also prioritized.

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DNI request 

Bio updated to reflect a very hard limit in interactions.

I had a pregnant anorexic start following me on Tumblr and I blocked her faster than you can tell me to just eat a sandwich.

Intra- and intersystem parents are fine, I do not have a problem with you. My problem is with singules.

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I absently read the headline "Exercise can make the brain function at a level five years younger" and the first thought that floated into my head was "How awful that must be if you're a five-year-old who works out regularly"

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How do I social-distance from my alters

@GinnyMcQueen I'm making a Discord server for my ASL classmates and really like your code of conduct (: Would it be all right if I used it for my group and credited you?

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Picture of our comrades dearresting another comrade from the police in Portland.
circa 2020

Everyone: You really need to relax for a few seconds

Me: Oh I see. You want me to get fat


Me: Well it's not going to work

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Reminder that "action figures" are just dolls, rebranded for boys.

We're lucky they didn't try to call them he-dolls, I guess.

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hey i need to follow more trans people that talk about trans issues/experiences (even if its only occasionally) please fav this if you fit that category and boost so I can find more

Lingerie selfie, no eye contact 

No face, either.

Important update: a friend with ADHD, when asked, explained, "Fast space stars lazers go zap zap"

ADHD and Star Wars 

What is it about the franchise that attracts people with specifically? I feel like everyone we know with ADHD is either a huge fan as an adult and/or was a huge fan as a child/young adult.

Come to think of it, I can't think of a single Star Wars fan we know who doesn't have ADHD.

Replace "British" and "European" with "Canadian" and this entire clip still makes perfect sense.

From The Nation's Start Making Sense: an 18-minute clip of Caribbean-British sociology professor Gary Younge on how anti-Black racism has differed between Europe and the States.

Spotify link to full episode below.

re: Critical Role, C2E108 

If it has historical merit, it's okay with me

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Critical Role, C2E108 

I was thinking, A dick hunt? Really? until I remembered that numerous prehistoric cultures featured genitalia in their artwork and that a few cults are even still practicing today. And then I was fine with the dick hunt

Don't mistake control for power.

Don't conflate power with dominance.

Don't take control.

Use power.

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In need of some sci-fi today.
Maybe starting a book again. Can't remember the last time of reading a book.

Which sci-fi literature did you enjoy a lot?
(Non-sci-fi recommendations also welcome.)

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Hey hey Colourpop Cosmetics has 25% off sitewide, including their skincare and tanning lines, Fourth Ray and Sol 💛

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Happy, helpful reminder that "plural" is like "transgender" and encompasses a whole umbrella's worth of stuff!
Literal actual distinct entities in your head? Plural!
Aspects of your personality that you anthropomorphize? Plural!
The "angel" and "devil" on your shoulders? Plural!

But most importantly: "Plural" is a label you can choose to identify with. It's not a set of rules

I'm really tired of seeing light-skinned Asians appropriate Black culture. It's so embarrassing.

Stop. Stop. Stop. Stoooooooopppppp

Unpopular Canadian opinion 

I don't give a rat's about Terry Fox. I really don't

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