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Tabi fronted pretty much all day and felt comfortable speaking about plurality. Granted, it was just with us but it's still progress!

Also they used it/its for me, baaa. 🧡

re: work vent 

It's not that the work is hard it's just: they gave me three tickets to pull simultaneously...

Wait, do they know we're a system? I feel so seen! /s

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work vent 

Hearing "Don't be afraid to ask for help!" from literally anybody who cares about you: 🧡

Hearing it at work: So you're saying you want me to quit?

implied misgendering 

Using they/[either binary pronoun] is like the reverse of the Monty Hall problem. We've seen people start to use "they" but every time they change their answer, it's to the wrong one.

(For context: our host uses they/she)

furry art 

Beep, beep, I'm a sheep.

Trying out a protogen type form and it/she pronouns.


We've also determined that Finn is the artist between us, which comes as no surprise. Plus, I didn't expect to have a name for our system but Ribbon System works out. It's also far less confusing as the host goes by Finn as well ever since transition.

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syscourse, work mention 

Some pretty good progress on discovery today, including being able to mostly identify who's fronting and when. Also had some unexpectedly nice interactions with Socks both when they and I fronted.

Other observations I noted were that Finn seems to be in a meditative state while we're at work yet we're able to check in on her to make sure everything is okay. As a result of Finn never fronting while on the clock, she only really gets to front while we're physically naked, which she wouldn't have any other way.


We kinda need to get better at communicating but I don't know how.


Wow, bravo dude, you made a girl cry. What a big fucking man you are holy shit.

misgendering mention 

Why can't I shake the feeling that people (read: youtubers) who call countries she/her take more care to not misgender land than they would actual people?


Hey it's Phoebe (She/It pronouns), you can call me Fi for short. I've been on the fence about identifying as plural for most of my life as I've never had a way of expressing it and I'm still kinda learning on how to go about it.

My other headmates, Finn (She/Her) and Tabi "Socks" (They/She) have their own seperate masto profiles but they're each not comfortable with bringing up the topic of plurality yet.

We seem to be a median system revolving around Socks primarily, who enjoys art and music whenever they have downtime from work. Finn is the most social of us three but does better in-person, her interests include nudism and video/tabletop gaming. I'm more of a naturist who enjoys a good quiet hike from time to time but also get caught up at work.

I'm looking forward to better understanding everything going on with us, and being a part of this community.

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