So... are there any aphantasic systems out there that have a headspace/innerworld/etc.?

I'm asking because a headmate of mine tried to build one but failed and I think it might be because we're almost aphantastic and he tried to visualize the innerworld.
So now I'm curious if aphatasic system can even have an innerworld and if so, if it is experienced differently from how non-aphatasic folks experience there innerworlds.



We couldn’t sleep last night. Had a psych evaluation this morning. And now we’re just tired and blurry and don’t know who’s fronting or talking

Sometimes I just scroll through sites like these and read about different bunny breeds. I really like the Lionhead rabbit breed

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Bunnies are my special interest and I really wish I knew more about them. I like to research them when I have the time but u don’t front much so it doesn’t happen a lot - Akakios

We have no idea how much we’re going to use this account and we’re very new to this platform but *shrugs* it can’t hurt to join more online spaces for plural people - Okumura

Ello everyone. Just gonna introduce ourselves. We’re the Feles System. And well we would do individual introductions but we’re really really big and that would take awhile. But some of our system members might post about them sometime. - Rin/Okumura

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