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hupol, anti-trans passed 

So all the modification suggestions were rejected by the 2/3 of seats of the pro-government and the base bill (without modifiers) was accepted by the 2/3 of the seats of the pro-government... From now, all Hungarian ppl will an extra field on their IDs (driver license, Personal ID Card, Passport) that says "Birth of sex: XXX" even if they live like, look like as the opposite gender and even if they have a name with the opposite gender.

So as a summary: You born as John and later you start a mtf transition. You get a name like Elizabeth and try to live your life as a girl and... well no one will give a shit you are a boy anyway.. oh yeah we know you are a girl, but you are a boy still. Like a Policeman stops you for a moment and if that policeman is transphobe, well... you know... it's not good. Or you want to travel to a country and on the border they see you as you are and they check your passport and you may not get through that border.

I want to make an emo mod but I haven't figured that one out well enough yet 🏌️‍♀️​

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Minecraft mods I want to make:

Transhuman mod
Trans human mod
Alterhuman mod
Plural mod
Gay mod
Nanomachine mod (Transhuman mod)
To be continued...

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