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Cooking with Axel is hard cause everything he makes is so good and it sucks having to wait till it’s done
— Demyx

Hmm I just realized I signed off as Axel. Oops. That’s what I get for zoning out.
— Demyx

Host has been busy with work but now I finally get a day hell yeah. First order of business: eat one of those chocolate chip cookies from the kitchen. Maybe two. And listen to my sick jams.
— Axel

unreality, dissociation i guess 

I remember that after we died as Nobodies and came back whole, though, we moved to Destiny Islands. Riku, Sora, and Kairi would always come to our shows.
Our apartment was right off the boardwalk, so on quiet nights I could hear the ocean. It was really nice and I miss it. I miss having a home with Axel like that, just the two of us.
It’s not so bad now, but yeah... I just kinda miss that.
— Demyx

Agh I can’t remember the name of me and Axel’s band :/
— Demyx

So apparently Larxene’s tarantula wasn’t actually a real tarantula, it was a heartless she caught and fed. :/ no wonder it was awful.
— Demyx

Agh I hate asking the host’s wife if I can spend time with Axel cause it’s no a lot. And like.. I kinda hate her reasons, it’s always like she wants to play on her switch that night or somethin. Like, stuff that’s she’s been doing a lot for the last few days, when I haven’t seen my boyfriend in a week.
Idk I’m just put out. I miss Axel.
— Demyx

I’m gonna miss summer! Everyone’s so excited for fall but summer’s my favorite season. I didn’t even get to hit up the beach in Florida this summer cause there was some gross bacteria in the water.
Man I miss swimming. Sucks that we’re landlocked now. That totally blows my mind too, how is there so much land? My world was mostly water. It’s just crazy you can drive for hours and never see the ocean here.
— Demyx

Ugh I was making a post about how I wanna learn how to sing again but then I swiped too far up on the page and my whole post got deleted. :/
Anyway I think I used to be able to sing too so I wanna do that again since it’s cheaper than a guitar.
— Demyx

He didn’t include Frank and Matt because they’re kinda like, idk, distant? They don’t front or talk much.
— Demyx

So uh. The host made a carrd page for our system cause it doesn’t have the character limit like on here.
Here is is:
It’s also linked on our profile here.
— Demyx

Whew, sorry for not posting anything in forever, I haven’t gotten a chance to front. Buuuuut I’m back now and feeling pretty good!
How’s everybody been?
— Demyx

Hey. I just wanted to check in and say we’re okay. Just tired. Like, really tired. I hadn’t been fronting as much, I’ve just been... idk, resting I guess. Riku’s been making sure we’re all okay. Ichiro’s been quiet but I think he’s gonna be fine. We all just need some time after all that.
Anyway, yeah. That’s... been pretty much it.
— Demyx

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Knocking on Heavens Door was one of the first songs me and Axel played at a venue. We had a shitty bassist, the venue was tiny, nobody knew us, and it was one of the best nights of my life.
— Demyx

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uhh mental health I guess 

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