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DEMYX: a fictive from Kingdom Hearts. No, there’s no Disney characters. He likes music, the beach, and his boyfriend Axel.

LOKI: doesn’t post. World is a mix of mythology and divergent MCU. Likes reading and going on picnics with his husband.

ICHIRO: lab-grown living weapon experiment. Trying to learn how to be a person. Flamboyant and will probably flirt with you (but you can tell him not to).

SETH/SET: the other god of the bunch, died in an alt universe when the old gods were forgotten. He’s always down to toke up with a pal. Misses his best friend, Thoth. He’s very chill and thinks the edgy media characterizations of him are hilarious.

FRANK AND MATT: from the same universe as Loki. Similar canons as the Netflix shows but diverge where Loki’s canon does. Don’t really front.

MAMMON: from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Quiet, analytical, a bit unnerving. Doesn’t front a lot. Venezuelan. Gender: void.

mental health, emotional disconnection, masochism... 

self harm, masochism 

blood, death ment. canon talk. 

musings on death and timelines 

Oh the downside of these otherwise adorable picrew icons is that they never have light enough shades for me. ʅ(◞‿◟)ʃ I was albino... technically. Really I had no pigment at all, courtesy of my creation. Albino-plus, if you will. Many found it off-putting.
~ Ichiro

You can turn off the news and sign off social media for a bit. It's okay.

On my world we had a powder like stuff we used to dye our hair, you’d get some on your fingers and just rub it in. It was mostly kids and teens who did it, and my sisters and I would dye each other’s hair all the time. Mine was still dyed when the darkness came, which meant it was dyed when I joined the org. AND I DIDNT HAVE THE SOAP TO GET IT OUT. It was a specific kind of soap and only my world had it! So my hair was just in crazy colors and it wouldn’t come out, so I trimmed and bleached it and that finally got it (mostly).
And that’s partly why I started bleaching it. The other part is that I wasn’t out in the sun as often as I was on my world and it was going back to brown and I looked way better with blond hair, so.
For the first month or so in the org, I wouldn’t believe that Axel and Saïx’s hair were naturally those colors. I asked Axel for soap (like, hair soap) on the first day cause I thought he’d have some... but he thought I meant body wash apparently?
— Demyx

some caps 

Also Axel is a year older than me, so there was a three year gap between him joining and me joining.
— Demyx

They don’t ever really mention it in the games, but most of us were in the org for a really long time. I was there for eight years, and Axel and Saïx were there for eleven.
I was sixteen when I first joined, and they were fourteen. Roxas and Xion were fourteen too. They were lucky, though, the org fell apart pretty soon after they got there.
— Demyx

vent post? 

pda, marriage ment. 

Aaaaaaah I was making a toot and it didn’t draft when I closed it ( ̄^ ̄)
~ Ichiro

self harm, blood, knives, implied lewd 

I wish I was still in my own body so I could do what I want (*´-`) I’m a prisoner, a slave to the whims of these dreadfully boring people. I will never know a moments freedom.

And he keeps changing my icon back, this is unacceptable. How could he do this to me? Dreadful, horrible. Just because I don’t front as much as he. Tragic. Despicable.

~ Ichiro

Not fronting for so long gets boringgggg. How does everyone else do it? I wanna chill in the real world and play video games, not wander around a fake mental hotel all day doing nothing. I wonder if I can become the main fronter...
— Demyx

Hey why isn’t our pinned toot showing up at the top of our profile? :// did I bug it out or something?
— Erose

definitely lewd 

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