Hi everyone. We have just hit upon a name for our system. Not entirely settled on it forever and ever, but at least for the purposes of this instance, we like it. El Higueron, the giant banyan tree. We especially like the connection to the Tree of Life. Feels appropriate. We are glad to have found all you lovely plural people!

@ElHigueron welcome to the club!!! we're very happy to have you. not that it's mandatory, but do you mind sharing systemmates' names, if applicable? how many are there? would love to get to know you!

@kaminohana So it's a long story. I have only had the DID dx since October 2017. Before then I was DEEP into fundamentalist, totalitarian, highly controlling, high-demands, authoritarian Evangelical Christianity. I was born to parents who belonged to a cult-like church. I grew up in that world, where mind-altering practices (such as worship, speaking in tongues, repentance sessions, and Bible verse memorization) were used to suppress doubts about the group and its leaders. From a young age, I suffered many kinds of abuse, which I won't go into right now. I was also wholly entrenched in this particular worldview. It was my only vocabulary and grammar. So when I saw spirits moving in the wall, that's what I understood. When I heard and felt other presences, I called them demons. And when I felt same-sex attraction, I became suicidal because I believed I was irreparable and scorning Christ's sacrifice to save my soul. I went through many methods of reparative "conversion" therapies.

@kaminohana I joined a Christian university campus ministry and the cult-like church behind it. The leaders arranged a cis-het marriage for me with a lovely woman who I love. We've had three children together and it's been nearly 19 years together. But I always knew, even tried to articulate in the only way I could, that it's like there's another person inside me who I do not control. After many, many years, I was finally ready to see the abuse I had endured for 39 years. We left the church, and I left my faith completely, in May 2017. Life got worse as my family was shunned by the people who had been, until our decision to leave, "brothers and sisters in Christ". I finally sought help and found a therapist who recognized the DID nearly immediately. I have been working with her ever since.

There's so much more, but that's the long story short. As far as we know today, there are over 40 of us in this body. We are multiple genders and have multiple sexual orientations. And we exist!

@ElHigueron I see. Though I myself don't have experience being raised Christian, I have been surrounded by many toxic faith groups, and it saddens me so much to hear what they have done to you. I'm glad those in your headspace and your family can be around safer people who love you the way you are. That includes us here in this instance ❤️​ I really hope you can find a place of love here and that you find comfort with us. 40, wow! That's a very impressive family for a body. Would love to have you!

@ElHigueron - Hello and welcome to the piece of time and space within the world wide web. I hope you enjoy your time here and I look forward to seeing you around.

@ElHigueron That is such a cool system name, honestly. 🦈​

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