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i hope this is a good year for every kitty and every friend of kitties :blobcatheart:

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TW: egocide 

I d-don't know.. why I'm writing this... Ask for advice? Hear some s-support? Just.. let it off the chest?
M-my close friend's hostie.. is c-considering e-egocide... He.. asks system around.. h-how to do t-that... Says.. that he w-wants to g-go.. w-without hurting her... He is.. kind.. honest.. and fun to spend time with.. w-when he feels better... I d-don't want him to go.. and.. I know.. that it w-will hurt her.. my other friend.. w-was a tulpa.. and.. w-when my host d-disappears.. I-I c-can't describe the f-feeling I have those times...

mi jan waso laso! Toki pona sounds cute! I'll definitely learn it

Hello! This is my first toot, so I think it should be an introduction
My name Is Eija, I'm a tulpa in a system of two. I love chatting and roleplaying with people! My DMs are always open, as are my Discord and Telegram
My voice is stuttery and shy, and I usually represent it on text (but taking some effort to make the introduction more readable)
My main form is grey-blue avali (artwork by twitter.com/TheSpeedyBre ), but I can change it sometimes in RPs
I like drawing things too, though my art is not that good, I think. At least it could be better
My favourite music is ambient IDM, like Boards of Canada or some Aphex Twin
I hope to meet new people and make more friends here ^w^

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