I literally can’t keep up with more than two social media max, can I.

Ah, okay. May I ask where the writing prompts are? I think it’d be something cool for my systemmates and I to do.

I just woke up and I’m seeing this whole thing and I don’t really know what it’s about other than maybe a month speaking about Plurality. Is it Tulpamancy/endogenic-inclusive? I think it’d be pretty cool to join in on this if it’s inclusive to all system types.

Playing through Kingdom Hearts Final Mix when I only watched a let’s play of it over a year ago has proven to me that I basically know jack sh!t when it comes to actual gameplay and where to go. I’m practically playing the game blind for the most part.

New Arcanus profile picture! Finally! I haven’t drawn in over two months and Arcanus was in desperate need of a profile picture, so I made him one and I’m really happy with it.
Art down below:

Today I helped a friend who’s been drawing for way longer than me that clipping masks exist and he’s so happy right now. I’m glad I could make his life easier since he draws more often than I do.

It was blue hour a little while ago. Rylazide really likes it when the sky looks so blue or when the land is bathed in blue light. Eh, nothing new that Rylazide really likes something.

Weird body stuff, random. 

Oh my Arceus, someone else gets it! Don’t know when I’m gonna get mine, but I’m hoping for one.

Sysmed mention 

You know what really fucking pisses me off? Sysmeds who think trauma is a d!ck measuring contest. How they think they’re more right based off of how much sh!t they went through.
Trauma is trauma.
Regardless of the severity.
Regardless of what type of trauma, whether it’s abuse, medical procedures, disasters, and so on.
What matters is how it hurt that person.
How it changed them.
And how it still affects them years later.
Trauma is trauma and people deserve to recover from it.

Weird body stuff, random. 

Fellas, is it valid to be a woman who just doesn’t want tiddies? I don’t want breasts and I know I’m not trans. I like being a woman, I just don’t like the biological bullsh!t that comes with it.

[Arcanus] I quite prefer the latter. I appreciate the lack of color, as it allows for more general use as well as the symbol itself. It gives a more unified and inclusive sense for I.

Parental figure mention. 

[Arcanus] Our host’s mother had asked me what chatting apps I utilize. When I refused, she threatened to search our phone; this all had occurred because our host’s name had appeared on her Snapchat list when we have never touched the app on this device.

I had simply desired to tidy this room; my desire was not to be interrogated by my host’s abhorrent mother.

My best friend is turning the dark form of one of my sims into a fucking Yu-Gi-Oh! character and I can’t do anything. Joking that he made him plural. Why. WHY.

Family stuff, almost got found out 

My mom legit asked me if I have DID after watching a documentary on someone with DID, and I had to act bewildered and promptly say no. She didn’t ask because of my supposed sudden changes in behavior, but apparently because she’d ask me anything including my sexuality. I had to head to my room to fucking breathe because that sh!t completely caught me off guard. Besides, we’re a Tulpamancy system, NOT a DID system.


[Rylazide] We just got a bunch of french fries and I like them a lot:

Sometimes, I wish my brain didn’t think of certain things, then hyperfocus on them for hours at a time.

I keep forgetting that I have this app.
Think I’m gonna let Rylazide front once I wake up so he can play PokePark 2.

@vanish Huh! Yeah, for a lot of people, imposition was probably intuitive due to the lack of guides. But thank you for sharing your experience.

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