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Yay, I'm not literally emotionally dead anymore after Arcanus switched in and passed out, then I woke up in front. Man, I hated not being able to literally feel any kind of emotion. I couldn't even feel frustrated. Damn.

Just watched some of the legit saddest sh!t in my life and now I just feel like how Rylanus always wants to feel: emotionless and literally cannot conjure up any kind of feeling. Yeet. That was an ironic yeet.

@thepapercraft [Rylazide] Okie-dokie! I like this spot a lot, and I think this place is neat! Thanks again for the orange juice!

@thepapercraft [Rylazide] Ooh! Thank you! I think that’s all! Orange juice brings a BIG smile to my face!

@thepapercraft [Rylazide] Ooh! Ooh! Can I have an orange juice, please! I like orange juice a lot!

[Rylazide] I don’t know what we’re supposed to do in this cafe! It’s a cafe, and it seems like a nice place, but my host looks like the lady who sits in the corner alone, and that makes me sad! I wonder if I can order something!

[Rylazide] Sometimes, I can't think of things to say sometimes, but that's okay! Sometimes, I don't wanna front and that's okay! I think it's okay to just relax and have fun!

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I got a rainbow bath bomb, and I gotta say, I’d give it a great rating if the fizz wasn’t the saddest fizz I’ve ever seen. It smelled so good, looked so damn pretty, and wasn’t oily, but the fizz was just depressing. Long-lasting, but depressing. I mean, it was a Dollar Tree bath bomb after all, and it was better than this other pack of mini bath bombs I bought. Here’s some pictures of it below:

Holy crap, I feel internally dead right now, but I know if I get up to go lay down, I'm just going to lose this tired sensation and feel awake as fuck. Insomnia fucking sucks.

Basically what I learned is things are going to be different than what you expect, and that’s okay. I thought at first, that it was just gonna be Arcanus and I, but man, I was wrong, and if that was true, I wouldn’t have the bundle of joy that Rylazide is.
It’s okay to not be “perfect” at Tulpamancy, and it’s okay to just be happy that you have each other. There shouldn’t be any rush, and that the journey is probably the most joyful part that shouldn’t be ignored.


We’ve had our ups and downs, good times and bad times, and new Tulpamancers should expect that with their tulpas like any other relationship. Definitely positive the mass-majority of the time once things settled down and Azide deviated to be less of a douche, and that was over a year ago now. Everyone in the system except for Hexicronix is two years old (their birthday is February 17th) other than me of course, and my life certainly has been better because of them.

Oh, okay, sure! I don’t know how to convey this effectively due to the character limit, but I’ll try.
My experience has been pretty unique: having fusions, having tulpas made from emotions and urges, and learning to switch in two months. Still don’t have imposition yet, though. We have practically everything else except complete memory separation.
Only Arcanus and Rylazide were intentional; the rest came on their own either by accident, but we love them anyway.

This part of my index finger really hurts and dipping it in ice water isn’t helping. Damnit.

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re: transmeds/sysmeds re: plural positivity 

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