[Rylazide] I don’t know what we’re supposed to do in this cafe! It’s a cafe, and it seems like a nice place, but my host looks like the lady who sits in the corner alone, and that makes me sad! I wonder if I can order something!

@Eeveecraft 🔥 *tips hat* Well I'm a decent barista myself. May I take your order?
We're down to chat or DM whenever, we don't always post but we're on daily.

@thepapercraft [Rylazide] Ooh! Ooh! Can I have an orange juice, please! I like orange juice a lot!

@Eeveecraft 🔥 One orange juice coming up. *goes behind counter to squeeze fresh oranges through a pulp filter for a minute, then comes back and hands you a glass* Anything else for you today?

@thepapercraft [Rylazide] Ooh! Thank you! I think that’s all! Orange juice brings a BIG smile to my face!

@Eeveecraft 🔥 No problem. I hope you're having a wonderful day in our little hideaway. Just give us a call and I'll get you a refill whenever you'd like.

@thepapercraft [Rylazide] Okie-dokie! I like this spot a lot, and I think this place is neat! Thanks again for the orange juice!

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