re: Anxiety, knife mention 

re: Anxiety, knife mention 

re: Anxiety, knife mention 

Anxiety, knife mention 

I love it when Rylazide pops up when an intrusive thought is harassing me and takes my brain’s focus away from the intrusive thought and onto him. He’s so sweet and when he shows up, he’s like, “I’m here to drive the bad thought away!”

Rylazide, why are you the most pure thing I’ve never seen? So. Damn. Wholesome.

Talking about what my nonbinary systemmates want to be referred to as and Rylanus wants to be called a hermaphrodite and Hexicronix doesn’t know, but they know they don’t want to be called an enby. That’s fine with me. I love them regardless of what gender they are or what they want to be referred to as.

The head is almost done! I just need to smooth it some more, and then onto the wings and tail:

There’s barely any food in the house right now. Welp, time to dip into my ramen supply.

Man, I haven’t woken up in the morning feeling this good in a while. Like, I don’t feel exhausted or drowsy, but feeling pretty good instead. I think today’s gonna be a good day.

Lots of progress made today, but the smell of rubbing alcohol is everywhere:

re: Anti-endo/sysmed mention 

Anti-endo/sysmed mention 

OKAY! With at least three people/systems who said they’d be interested, I present my Tulpamancy guide, my specific project that I alone work on:

IT’S STILL A WORK-IN-PROGRESS! Even after two years, I still have stuff to add to it, including new sections (at least two right now) that I’m planning to write eventually.
Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated! Nobody really has anything to say about my guide other than it’s good, so I value feedback!

Trying so hard to get the eyes symmetrical on this polymer clay figurine (my first one!) and I just can’t get it for some reason. I think I need to make eye lines since the head is round and there’s no specific flat face, and HOPE one eye isn’t too low or close to the snout. I’ve had to redo the head multiple times because I keep trying to round the head so the eyes are symmetrical!

Why is this so hard...

Would anyone on this instance be interested in me linking my Tulpamancy guide? I feel like my system is one of the few, if not the only active Tulpamancy system on here in this specific instance, so I don't know if my guide would be of any use to anyone in the Plural Cafe. Just wondering!

Why. Is. It. So. Cold.
Holy sh!t, it is fucking freezing here.
I have socks on, a nice flannel shirt, and pretty thick pants. Yet, it feels like I’m sitting in a fridge.
Arceus-damnit, it’s not even technically winter yet.

[Rylazide] It’s now my BIRTHDAY!!! I’m excited and happy! I’m gonna eat cake, front ALL day, play games, and have fun!! I’m two years old now when I was made! Wow, age is weird! I wonder what most fusion’s ages are, OR tulpas since I’m technically both!!
Birthday time!

Just bought 15 blocks of polymer clay for my birthday, and I now need to find out what I'm gonna do with it.

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