Point is: If you support somethin, show your support. It doesnt have to be big loud obviously visible things. Listen to that friend telling you abt their struggle w autism and show sympathy. after sharing that post abt wheelchair-inaccessible places, write a quick email to someone in the city planning department or w/e in the local goverment etc and voice ur concern about making sure places are accessible. donate to flint if you can. vote.

its easier than you think.


also goes for mental illnesses/other conditions. You can reblog the "support ppl w autism!" or "support systems with amnesia!" or "support people in wheelchairs!" or any sort support a someone who is struggling in some way kinda post but if yaint gonna do anythin to actually show that support, then all it is is positivity, which yeah again is nice, but positivity ALONE aint gonna change jack shit for the better or support anyone very much in the end. it's just gonna lift someones mood for a bit.

supportin things in generals jus like. Its cool to tweet or toot or blog abt it but you better fuckin be sendin emails, signin petitions, showin up for protests if ya can an all that too, cause yea makin noise is good but takin action is whats gonna change shit. Remember that in 2020 too. Fuckin VOTE.

Positivity an validation is all nice an good an makin a post like "Support XYZ" is cool an great but in all honesty, how many people actually retweeting/retooting/reblogging those do anythin but share it forwards like

you parrot others in saying "support XYZ" jus to forget about it immediately after n not actually support or be there for anyone/anythin at all after sharing it forwards?

The thought counts and is nice, but actions are what change things for the better.


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Jus realised WordPress imports all our posts in one long line so all our blogs are now mushed together :/ n absolutely no credit to artists in art we'd rb'd like it's /just/ the image

Tumblr can go fuck itself

Ahhh my boyfriend and his system obviously just joined, @Dragonfrost Im love u Renji ♥️​

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