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Abled people really will just stare blankly at anyone who suggests outdoor activities instead of indoor ones

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Introduction ( ̄▽ ̄) 

Hello I'm Delphine! I go by DJ. I'm an Amazing World of Gumball fictive, chronologically 10, but most of the time up around my system's age (29).

Inworld I have pink hair and eyes, and I'm usually in my human form. But sometimes I ageslide down into my base form, a pink anthropomorphic rabbit (pictured). If I get super tired or sick I turn into a pink lion (also pictured).

I enjoy economics, microbiology, and cute things like Sanrio. Right now I'm involved with COVID-19 Resources Canada's round table, a biweekly group of experts, researchers, and members of the public, and I support my co-hosts as we manage shared and individual disabilities.

I don't really have a DNI...? To be honest I see a lot of flaws in that phenomenon, partly for sociological reasons and partly because I have ADHD and am bad at processing things. If an interaction starts feeling weird, I'll chat with you about it and we can see if we are better off giving each other space! (。・ω・。)ノ♡ I guess my only hard limits are menstruation, pregnancy and childrearing, so if you can CW those topics it would be much appreciated! But if you don't, that's okay, I will just avoid :bun_peek:

Post a little introduction here if you like so I can get to know you! I need people to follow 🐰

Cookies but bad 

The Caramilk Chips Ahoy! have the same texture as Nutri-Grain bars.

Do with this information what you will.


COVID-19 Resources Canada's data and methods roundtable begins at 5:00 PM PST! Hope to see you there! (I will be masquerading as "Taylor", our singule persona :bun_smug:)

Register at

*walking up to a skeleton* Resting your weary bones or wearing your resty bones haha

uh so i have 2$ in my account

i sort of have a job offer but nothing is set in stone and life costs money unfortunately

gas is almost $5 and i have doctors appointments coming up as well$gingerrroot

Woohoo my system is now a trained vaccine ambassador!!!!

The training takes 2 hours and it's free. All you need is a Coursera account!

@Gemma Someone can and should correct me if I'm wrong, but mutations are random. They happen all the time.

The genome for SARS-CoV-2 is about 33,000 bases long – quite long for a virus. More bases = more opportunities for mutations during replication.

Darwinism comes into play when a mutation proves beneficial or detrimental to fitness. The L452 mutation changes the shape of the spike proteins, allowing the virus to evade the antibodies we developed in response to prior variants.

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Advertising my services as a tutor 

Hey if anyone needs tutoring for you or a kid or whoever I can tutor in a wide variety of subjects for like $25 an hour.

In summer most of the demand for tutoring is ACT/SAT test prep and I can definitely help with that! I can tutor all sections, have experience with the tests myself and tutoring them.

At the college level I can help with anthropology, history, and paper writing.

Feel free to DM me or reply here if you're interested
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Ohoho got my paws on the data from the B.C. CDC

Just a normal Saturday reviewing the immunology section of our textbook :bun_heart:

*goes to the fridge to get some snacks, mumbles hello, goes back to room, closes door*

Putting a non-medical mask on my avatar in Animal Crossing: New Horizons before entering indoor spaces because it makes me feel more comfortable :bun_peek:

does anyone remember a webcomic where a character had a pet talking dinosaur and it was a secret? i can't find it by looking up "secret dinosaur webcomic" because that just pulls up dinosaur comics (understandable, but not what i'm looking for)

A guy at the market stopped me to tell me he likes my "The comfort of straight people is not among our goals 🌈" tank

i hate shows that have laugh tracks because i resent being told when to laugh. i’ll have a chuckle when i’m good & ready, thanks

Go to sleep with a new toot under your pillow and the Toot Fairy will give you a like 🧚

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