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its 2021 please stop using those "fonts" in your discord username i don't know who you are ����� but stop it

need to get better at telling people I think they're cute/rad/both instead of just hitting the like button and hoping they can sense how gay I am through the internet

we don't know if "questioner" is a term that exists but that's what they thought at us 🤷‍♀️

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request for advice, medical 

This was... undecisive....

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Turns out we have a vorlon in our head

That was the new person

controvertial opinion 

"Coiner" discourse is stupid

request for advice, medical 

relating to our recent influx of headmates, we're wondering if it's related to our going on adderall about a month ago.

furthermore, we're trying to figure out if we should come out as plural to our psych to ask about it. she's the best mental health professional we've ever had, and she hasn't gatekept us from drugs, or discouraged us from seeking them out, at all before. but we have no idea how good she is about plural shit and don't know if its worth the risk. should we ask?

to be clear its a preference thing, we're not actually mad at each other lol

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its weird when you switch in and you're just like, "why am i wearing this, who would clothe the body like this"

crochet and/or knitting: The art of making knots that are so complicated you can wear them.

we've gotten so many now we're having to make a spreadsheet to keep track smh

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i guess we started getting this big influx after starting adderall. maybe that had something to do with it?

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found yet another new person last night. this is getting ridiculous

"what are your name and pronouns?"
"look pal, i don't even know the answer to that question"

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