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@candlebrae our kitty does this to the top of our head, its the cutest thing

re: lewd joke 

@ultraviolet yeah we just think its stupid how tacticool shit always has to have those smarmy names

re: lewd joke 

@ultraviolet its an actual thing tho. just an overpriced fanny pack for a plate carrier. its dumb

another day, another moot monads and friends harass off fedi for disagreeing with them. nothing new here 💀

just wish i could be a girl and not this fucking discourse identity


changing your third person pronouns may be cool, but changing your first person pronouns is extremely based

when you think about it, a parogen is just a type of guy you made up

its 2021 please stop using those "fonts" in your discord username i don't know who you are ����� but stop it

@matt what is a country? a miserable little pile of secrets

need to get better at telling people I think they're cute/rad/both instead of just hitting the like button and hoping they can sense how gay I am through the internet

Re: request for advice, medical 

@candlebrae well we're trying to figure out if our sudden influx of headmates is related to our adhd meds, which is why we're considering it in the first place

we don't know if "questioner" is a term that exists but that's what they thought at us 🤷‍♀️

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request for advice, medical 

This was... undecisive....

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Turns out we have a vorlon in our head

That was the new person

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