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if you just blocked our main and we interact with you, its unintentional, just block us here and move on

ironic how our earliest plural (in retrospect) memories are of not remembering things


we feel like it would be good for our system to drop acid again sometime soon but the only tabs we have are from a batch that makes us really nauseous (we're pretty sure it's not actually an RC, it was definitely LSD, it's just lousy LSD)

we're not gonna complain too much since a cute enby gave it to us for free, but there's some subconcious aprehension about repeating the experience

lilly caela and kat are still around plenty though, its nice to have such a big mixture every once in a while

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seems like fall's resurfacing a bit again. jupiter too

that's neat, we're happy that's happening

So we know disqordia eris is a controvertial figure

But she just got her admin account hacked by some fascist piece of shit, who sent out a bunch of fucked up messages with her account.

She was asleep at the time, and had no control over this. She has now regained control of her account, and there will be no more messages like that.

Disregard anything received from her earlier this morning

neurodivergence question 

is it dyslexia if words on a page just dissapear for you? like you totally skip over certain words, or your brain tells you they're a different word then what's actually written?

weird how high school feels like so much longer ago to us then it actually was, because we just have so many dissociative barriers around our memories from then.

school is fucking traumatizing


thinking about the time we got assaulted in the street by proud boys and a bunch of middle class cis bar-goers just stood by and fucking gawked. extremely cool.

another day, another moot monads and friends harass off fedi for disagreeing with them. nothing new here 💀

just wish i could be a girl and not this fucking discourse identity


changing your third person pronouns may be cool, but changing your first person pronouns is extremely based

when you think about it, a parogen is just a type of guy you made up

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