fandom wikis are so fucking obnoxious even with an adblocker, in terms of popups and shit. no fuckin thanks

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> clicks on a link
> its a wiki site
> closes tab

Please remember that heterophobia isn’t real. However, do not let this get you down: If we try hard enough we can be the change we want to see in the world.

it's only a ted talk if you're talking about someone named ted. otherwise it's just a sparkling presentation

spilled coffee on our trackpad and somehow didn't short it out whew

needles + 

estrogen injection night and we finally have the 1ml srynges again whew

really wish the fedi would stop freaking out about eris already. everyone who's gonna defed from disqordia already has, its just performative at this point

it turns out our nobody makes fine tips for our soldering iron. so we have to get a new one if we wanna do SMD. despite the fact that there's nothing wrong with it.

but capitalism is so efficient

taking a break from main and we forgot we hardly follow anyone on this acct. need to spice up the home tl

ASAN has become totally unaccountable to the wider grassroots self-advocate movement, and frankly has been for a while now


-> many aspects/people who are part of the same whole
-> black weapon that would be considered magic in many of Moorcock's settings
-> has companions

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there is no meaningful difference between a plural system with a gun, and the eternal champion

serious; about online trans communities 

yknow, DIY HRT is not ideal but i do wish there wasn't such a culture of shaming around it in so many trans spaces

i don't think we've ever met a completely cis system lol

oh yeah we made contact with someone in here. its name is null and it lives on an island in an ocean of static

rolling into the discord server like

oh, shit, right, you guys have pronoun roles, hell, what do we even like nowadays

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